Uitenbroek, H.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
26 CA II K Line Diagnostics of Two Dimensional Models of the Solar Chromosphere 294 Solanki, S. K.; Buente, M.; Steiner, O.; Uitenbroek, H.
26 The MG II H & K Lines as Diagnostics of the Solar Chromosphere 564 Uitenbroek, H.
109 Temporal Variations in Solar Chromospheric Modeling. 105 Avrett, E.; Hoeflich, P.; Uitenbroek, H.; Ulmschneider, P.
109 PRD vs. CRD CaII K Stokes profiles from solar plage 113 Bruls, J. H. M. J.; Solanki, S. K.; Uitenbroek, H.
109 Infrared MG I lines in cool giant and supergiant stars 723 Uitenbroek, H.; Noyes, R. W.
154 Imaging Spectroscopy of Betelgeuse in the Ultraviolet 393 Uitenbroek, H.; Dupree, A. K.; Gilliland, R. L.
154 The Effect of Surface Inhomogeneities on the Determination of the Lithium Abundance in Cool Stellar Atmospheres 979 Uitenbroek, H.
183 Imaging Spectroscopy of CO Lines Compared with Three-Dimensional Radiative Transfer 486 Uitenbroek, H.
286 Simultaneous Chromospheric and Photospheric Spectropolarimetry of a Sunspot 227 Balasubramaniam, K. S.; Christopoulou, E. B.; Uitenbroek, H.
286 Radiative Transfer Modeling of Magnetic Fluxtubes (Invited review) 403 Uitenbroek, H.
288 Multi-level Accelerated Lambda Iteration with Partial Redistribution 597 Uitenbroek, H.
354 Chromospheric Diagnostics 313 Uitenbroek, H.
354 Volume 354 Back Matter 366 Uitenbroek, H.; Leibacher, J.; Stein, R.F.
354 Volume 354 Cover 0 Uitenbroek, H.; Leibacher, J.; Stein, R.F.
354 Volume 354 Front Matter 1 Uitenbroek, H.; Leibacher, J.; Stein, R.F.
354 Volume 354 Conference Photo 2 Uitenbroek, H.; Leibacher, J.; Stein, R.F.
405 Spectropolarimetry of Ca II 8542: Probing the Chromospheric Magnetic Field 247 Kleint, L.; Reardon, K.; Stenflo, J.O.; Uitenbroek, H.; Tritschler, A.
405 Influence of Coronal EUV Irradiance on the Stokes Profiles of the He I 10830 Å Multiplet 297 Centeno, R.; Trujillo Bueno, J.; Uitenbroek, H.; Collados, M.
415 Service-Mode Observations for Ground-Based Solar Physics 332 Reardon, K. P.; Rimmele, T.; Tritschler, A.; Cauzzi, G.; Wöger, F.; Uitenbroek, H.; Tsuneta, S.; Berger, T.
437 Measurement of Line Formation Depths from a Super Resolving Analysis of Photospheric Layers 51 Faurobert, M.; Aime, C.; Ricort, G.; Uitenbroek, H.; Grec, C.
437 Detection of Chromospheric Magnetic Fields: A Forward Modeling Approach 439 Uitenbroek, H.
437 Molecule Formation and Magnetic Field Evolution in Sunspots 473 Jaeggli, S. A.; Lin, H.; Uitenbroek, H.
456 Comparison of Multi-Height Observations with a 3D MHD Sunspot Model 67 Jaeggli, S. A.; Lin, H.; Uitenbroek, H.; Rempel, M.
463 The Sunspot Penumbra in the Photosphere: Results from Forward Synthesized Spectroscopy 89 Tritschler, A.; Uitenbroek, H.; Rempel, M.
463 The Influence of Molecular Lines on the Measurement of Photospheric Velocities 99 Uitenbroek, H.; Dumont, N.; Tritschler, A.
463 The Visible Broadband Imager: The Sun at High Spatial and Temporal Resolution 431 Wöger, F.; McBride, W.; Ferayorni, A.; Gregory, S.; Hegwer, S.; Tritschler, A.; Uitenbroek, H.
470 Eyes on the Sun: Solar Instrumentation 83 Uitenbroek, H.
489 Non Coherent Continuum Scattering as a Polarization Mechanism of the Enigmatic Ba II D1 Line 107 del Pino Alemán, T.; Trujillo Bueno, J.; Uitenbroek, H.
526 Comparison of Scattering Polarization Signals Observed by CLASP: Possible Indication of the Hanle Effect 305 Ishikawa, R.; Trujillo Bueno, J.; Uitenbroek, H.; Kubo, M.; Tsuneta, S.; Goto, M.; Kano, R.; Narukage, N.; Bando, T.; Katsukawa, Y.; Ishikawa, S.; Giono, G.; Suematsu, Y.; Hara, H.; Winebarger, A.; Kobayashi, K.; Cirtain, J.; Champey, P.; Auchère, F.; Štěpán, J.; Belluzzi, L.; Asensio Ramos, A.; Manso Sainz, R.; De Pontieu, B.; Ichimoto, K.; Carlsson, M.; Casini, R.