Vauclair, G.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
40 Asteroseismology of the DBV white dwarf GD 358 with the Whole Earth Telescope 789 Winget, D.; Nather, R. E.; Clemens, J. C.; Provencal, J.; Kleinman, S. J.; Bradley, P. A.; Claver, C. F.; Dixson, J. S.; Wood, M. A.; Grauer, A. D.; Hine, B. P.; Hansen, C. J.; Bergeron, P.; Birch, P.; Candy, M.; Leibowitz, E.; Marar, T. M. K.; Seetha, S.; Ashoka, B. N.; O'Donoghue, D.; Warner, B.; Buckley, D. A.; Tripe, P.; Vauclair, G.; Dolez, N.; Chevreton, M.; Kanaan, A.; Kepler, S. O.; Augusteijn, T.
76 A New TEchnology Network for Asteroseismology - A.N.T.E.N.A. 630 Roca Cortes, T.; Belmonte, J. A.; Delache, P.; Michel, E.; Frandsen, S.; Schmider, F. X.; Auvergne, M.; Fossat, E.; Vidal, I.; Kjeldsen, H.; Douglas, N.; Lelievre, G.; Chevreton, M.; Vauclair, G.; Audard, N.; Baglin, A.; Berthomieu, G.; Christensen-Dalsgaard, J.; Dolez, N.; Goupil, M. J.; Perez Hernandez, F.; Pfeiffer, B.; Provost, J.; Viskum, M.
96 Asteroseismology of PG1159 stars 397 Vauclair, G.
135 Asteroseismology of DAV White Dwarfs with Time-Frequency Analysis and Band-Limited Interpolation 442 Dolez, N.; Roques, S.; Serre, B.; Vauclair, G.
169 RX J2117+3412, the hottest known pulsating PG 1159 star 96 Vauclair, G.; Moskalik, P.; The Wet Team
169 New observations of the DA variable KUV 08368+4026 129 Dolez, N.; Vauclair, G.; Xiao-Bin, Z.; Chevreton, M.; Handler, G.
169 A way to the interior of a crystallized white dwarf: BPM 37093 144 Nitta, A.; Winget, D. E.; Kanaan, A.; Kepler, S. O.; Sullivan, D. J.; Kleinmann, S. J.; Grauer, A. D.; Shobbrook, R.; Buckley, D. A. H.; O'Dohoghue, D.; Krzesiński, J.; Van Zyl, L.; Giovannini, O.; Vauclair, G.; Chevreton, M.; Kawaler, S. D.; O'Brien, M. S.; Montgomery, M. H.; Nather, R. E.; Provencal, J. L.; Watson, T. K.
169 Observing white dwarfs with the space photometer COROT 170 Baglin, A.; Auvergne, M.; Vauclair, G.; The COROT Team
203 Surveys and the Discovery of New Variable White Dwarfs 516 Vauclair, G.; Dolez, N.; Fu, J. N.; Chevreton, M.; Homeier, D.; Koester, D.
226 Asteroseismology of PG0122+200: latest news 293 Vauclair, G.; O'Brien, M. S.; Fu, J. N.; Mukadem, A. S.; Chevreton, M.; Dolez, N.; Kawaler, S. D.
256 Application of the O-C technique in the pulsating pre-white dwarf star PG0122+200 51 Fu, J.-N.; Vauclair, G.; Dolez, N.
259 Nonradial Pulsations of the DA Type White Dwarf Star G 255-2 378 Fu, J.-N.; Vauclair, G.; Dolez, N.; Jiang, S.-Y.; Chevreton, M.
259 From Planetary Nebulae to White Dwarfs: Constraints from the Asteroseismology of the Pulsating Planetary Nebula Central Star RXJ 2117+3412 610 Moskalik, P.; Vauclair, G.
310 Asteroseismology with COROT 553 Vauclair, G.
334 Whole Earth Telescope Observations of the ZZ Ceti Star HLTau 76 477 Vauclair, G.; WET collaboration
334 Constraints on the Structure of HL Tau 76 Derived from Asteroseismology 573 Pech, D.; Vauclair, G.; Dolez, N.
372 The Hottest Known DBV White Dwarf 629 Sullivan, D.J.; Metcalfe, T.S.; O'Donoghue, D.; Winget, D.E.; Kilkenny, D.; van Wyk, F.; Kanaan, A.; Kepler, S.O.; Nitta, A.; Kawaler, S.D.; Montgomery, M.H.; Nather, R.E.; Steeghs, D.; Koester, D.; Bergeron, P.; O'Brien, M.S.; Wood, M.; Jiang, X.J.; Leibowitz, E.M.; Ibbetson, P.; Zola, S.; Krzesinski, J.; Pajdosz, G.; Vauclair, G.; Dolez, N.; Chevreton, M.
372 Abell 43 and PG 0122+200: a Look at the Beginning and at the End of the PG 1159 Instability Strip 641 Vauclair, G.; Solheim, J.-E.; Fu, J.-N.; Chevreton, M.; Dolez, N.; O'Brien, M.S.; Mukadam, A.S.; Kim, S.-L.; Park, B.-G.; Handler, G.; Medupe, R.; Wood, M.; Gonzalez Perez, J.; Hashimoto, O.; Kinugasa, K.; Taguchi, H.; Kambe, E.; Dobrovolskas, V.; Provencal, J.L.; Dreizler, S.; Schuh, S.; Leibowitz, E.M.; Lipkin, Y.; Zhang, X.-B.; Paparo, M.; Szeidl, B.; Viraghalmy, G.; Zsuffa, D.
391 Search for Pulsations in H-deficient Planetary-Nebula Nuclei 195 Solheim, J.-E.; González Pérez, J.M.; Vauclair, G.
462 Period and Amplitude Changes in the GW Vir Variable Star PG 0122+200: Evidence for Resonant Coupling 160 Vauclair, G.; Fu, J.-N.; Solheim, J.-E.; Kim, S.-L.; Dolez, N.; Chevreton, M.; Li, C.; Wood, M.; Silver, I.; Bognár, Z.; Paparó, M.; Córsico, A. H.
469 Whole Earth Telescope Observations of the ZZ Ceti Star HS 0507+0434B 61 Vauclair, G.; Dolez, N.; Provencal, J.; Fu, J.-N.
469 Thermohaline Instabilities Induced by Heavy Element Accretion onto White Dwarfs: Consequences on the Derived Accretion Rates 435 Deal, M.; Vauclair, S.; Vauclair, G.
479 Accretion of Debris-Disk Matter onto White Dwarfs: Stellar Consequences and Derived Accretion Rates 41 Deal, M.; Vauclair, S.; Vauclair, G.
479 Constraints on the Stellar Parameters of White Dwarf Stars from Asteroseismology 223 Vauclair, G.
493 Fingering Convection and its Consequences for Accreting White Dwarfs 101 Vauclair, S.; Vauclair, G.; Deal, M.; Wachlin, F. C.
493 Evidence of Resonant Mode Coupling in the Pulsating DB White Dwarf Star KIC 08626021 261 Zong, W.; Charpinet, S.; Vauclair, G.
509 The Role of Fingering Convection in Accreting Hydrogen-rich White Dwarfs: the Case of GD 133 and G 29-38 223 Wachlin, F. C.; Vauclair, S.; Vauclair, G.; Althaus, L. G.
509 Asteroseismology of the ZZ Ceti and DAZ GD 133 355 Fu, J.-N.; Vauclair, G.; Su, J.; Cang, T.; Li, C.; Xue, H.; Jiang, X.-J.; Li, Y.; Niu, H.; Zhang, X.; Colas, F.; Dolez, N.; Fox Machado, L.; Michel, R.; Alvarez, M.; Kim, S.-L.