Yamada, S.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
435 Pan Binary Scenario for the Origin of Extremely Metal-Poor Stars in the Galactic Halo 161 Suda, T.; Komiya, Y.; Habe, A.; Yamada, S.; Katsuta, Y.; Nishimura, T.; Ishizuka, C.; Fujimoto, M. Y.
458 Star Formation History of Our Galaxy Explored with AGB Star Evolution Models 65 Suda, T.; Komiya, Y.; Aoki, W.; Yamada, S.; Katsuta, Y.; Fujimoto, M. Y.
458 Hierarchical Chemical Evolution and R-process Elements of Extremely Metal-Poor Stars 131 Komiya, Y.; Yamada, S.; Suda, T.; Fujimoto, M. Y.
488 On the Existence and Non-uniqueness of Solutions of Riemann Problems in Ideal Magnetohydrodynamics 261 Takahashi, K.; Yamada, S.