Adorf, H.-M.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
25 Parallelism for HST Image Restoration -- Some Experiences and Options 215 Adorf, H.-M.; Oldfield, M. J.
77 AstroWeb -- Internet Resources for Astronomers 52 Jackson, R. E.; Adorf, H.-M.; Egret, D.; Heck, A.; Koekemoer, A.; Murtagh, F.; Wells, D. C.
77 On the Combination of Undersampled Multiframes 456 Adorf, H.-M.
77 Interpolation of Irregularly Sampled Data Series---A Survey 460 Adorf, H.-M.
125 NICMOS Related Software Development at the ST-ECF 443 Albrecht, R.; Freudling, W.; Caulet, A.; Fosbury, R. A. E.; Hook, R. N.; Adorf, H.-M.; Micol, A.; Thomas, R.
314 Astronomical Catalogues - Simultaneous Querying and Matching 281 Adorf, H.-M.; Lemson, G.; Voges, W.; Enke, H.; Steinmetz, M.
347 Assembly and Classification of Spectral Energy Distributions — A New VO Web Service 365 Adorf, H.-M.; Kerber, F.; Lemson, G.; Micol, A.; Mignani, R.; Rauch, T.; Voges, W.
351 The GAVO Cross-Matcher Application 695 Adorf, H.-M.; Lemson, G.; Voges, W.
376 Deterministic and Statistical Parameter Space Sampling: an Autonomous Driver for ScientificWorkflows 417 Hovest, W.; Stojceska, G.; Saverchenko, I.; Adorf, H.-M.; Ensslin, T.; Riller, Th.