Andernach, H.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
15 Redshifts of a thousand Abell Clusters 279 Andernach, H.
51 Radio-optical Alignments of Brightest Cluster Galaxies 123 Andernach, H.; West, M. J.; Kotanyi, C.; Unewisse, A. M.
61 Facilities for Retrieval of Radio-Source Data 179 Andernach, H.; Harris, D. E.; Grant, C. Stern; Wright, A. E.
77 The EINSTEIN On-Line Service 48 Harris, D. E.; Grant, C. S.; Andernach, H.
125 The CATS Database to Operate with Astrophysical Catalogs 322 Verkhodanov, O. V.; Trushkin, S. A.; Andernach, H.; Chernenkov, V. N.
301 Chandra Observations of the Disruption of the Cool Core in Abell 133 477 Fujita, Y.; Sarazin, C. L.; Kempner, J. C.; Rudnick, L.; Slee, O. B.; Roy, A. L.; Andernach, H.; Ehle, M.
329 The Relation of Compact Groups of Galaxies with Larger-Scale Structures 67 Andernach, H.; Coziol, R.
329 A 2 x 2 Degree I-band Survey around PKS 1343-601 159 Kraan-Korteweg, R.C.; Ochoa, M.; Woudt, P.A.; Andernach, H.
329 Redshifts and Distribution of ACO Clusters of Galaxies 283 Andernach, H.; Tago, E.; Einasto, M.; Einasto, J.; Jaaniste, J.
329 The Cluster M/L Ratio and the Value of ­Ωm 289 Andernach, H.; Plionis, M.; Lopez-Cruz, O.; Tago, E.; Basilakos, S.