Athanassoula, E.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
70 Simulations of Compact Groups of Galaxies: Some Preliminary Results 143 Athanassoula, E.; Makino, J.
91 Evolution of Bars in Isolated and in Interacting Disk Galaxies 309 Athanassoula, E.
91 Ring Formation in the Disk of Barred Galaxies 375 Cuivarch, B.; Athanassoula, E.
91 Hydrodynamical Simulations of the Barred Spiral Galaxy NGC 1365 413 Lindblad, P. A. B.; Lindblad, P. O.; Athanassoula, E.
160 N-body Simulations of Interacting Disc Galaxies 351 Athanassoula, E.
197 The Vertical Structure of Bars 43 Bureau, M.; Freeman, K. C.; Athanassoula, E.
197 Preliminary Results of N-body Simulations of Barred Galaxies 69 Misiriotis, A.; Athanassoula, E.
197 Numerical Simulations of Central Cusps in Elliptical Galaxies 259 Leeuwin, F.; Athanassoula, E.
197 Formation of cD Galaxies Within Dark Matter Distributions 397 García Gómez, Carlos; Garijo, Antonio; Athanassoula, E.
197 Theoretical Perspectives 455 Athanassoula, E.
209 N-body simulations of interactions and mergings in small galaxy groups 245 Athanassoula, E.
221 Gas Flow in Barred Galaxies 243 Athanassoula, E.
273 New Results on Bar-Halo Interactions 85 Athanassoula, E.
275 Formation and Evolution of Bars in Disc Galaxies 141 Athanassoula, E.
390 Formation and Evolution of Bulges 454 Athanassoula, E.; Martínez-Valpuesta, I.
390 Boxy/Peanut Bulges and Stellar Bars 463 Martínez-Valpuesta, I.; Athanassoula, E.
396 Topics on Bar and Bulge Formation and Evolution 333 Athanassoula, E.
421 Setting the Normalcy Level of HI Properties in Isolated Galaxies 41 Espada, D.; Verdes-Montenegro, L.; Athanassoula, E.; Bosma, A.; Huchtmeier, W. K.; Leon, S.; Lisenfeld, U.; Sabater, J.; Sulentic, J.; Verley, S.; Yun, M.
421 Kinematics of the Barred Spiral Galaxy NGC 1291 53 Bosma, A.; Gadotti, D. A.; de Blok, W. J. G.; Athanassoula, E.
421 Structures in Galaxies: Nature versus Nurture. Input from Theory and Simulations 157 Athanassoula, E.
421 An N-body Tool to Study the Properties of Groups and Their Member Galaxies 291 Solanes, J. M.; Athanassoula, E.; Bosma, A.; Darriba, L.; García-Gómez, C.; Lambert, J.; del Olmo, A.; Perea, J.; Toribio, M.
453 Simulations of Barred Galaxies in Triaxial Dark Matter Haloes: The Effects of Gas 363 Machado, R. E. G.; Athanassoula, E.; Rodionov, S.
458 Signatures of Formation: The Galactic Bulge of the Milky Way 195 Ness, M.; Freeman, K.; Athanassoula, E.
480 Galaxy Zoo: Observing Secular Evolution Through Bars 165 Cheung, E.; Athanassoula, E.; Masters, K. L.; Nichol, R. C.; Bosma, A.; Bell, E. F.; Faber, S. M.; Koo, D. C.; Lintott, C.; Melvin, T.; Schawinski, K.; Skibba, R. A.; Willett, K. W.