Endl, M.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
185 The ESO Precise Radial-Velocity Survey for Extra-Solar Planets: Results from the First Five Years 154 Kürster, M.; Hatzes, A. P.; Cochran, W. D.; Dennerl, K.; Döbereiner, S.; Endl, M.
212 Improvements in Spectrograph Self-calibration for Planet Search 315 Endl, M.; Kürster, M.; Els, S.
213 A Giant Planet in an Earth-like Orbit Around the Young Star ι 95 Kürster, Martin; Endl, M.; Els, S.; Hatzes, A. P.; Cochran, W. D.; Döbereiner, S.; Dennerl, K.
294 The SARG Planet Search: Hunting for Planets Around Stars in Wide Binaries 47 Gratton, R.; Carretta, E.; Claudi, R. U.; Desidera, S.; Lucatello, S.; Bonanno, G.; Cosentino, R.; Scuderi, S.; Barbieri, M.; Marzari, F.; Endl, M.; Brocato, E.; Dolci, M.; Valentini, G.
294 Precision Radial Velocities of Active Stars 55 Els, S. G.; Kürster, M.; Endl, M.; Hatzes, A. P.; Porto de Mello, G.
294 The Search for Planets Around Pulsating White Dwarf Stars 59 Winget, D. E.; Cochran, W. D.; Endl, M.; Kanaan, A.; Kepler, S. O.; Mukadam, A.; Mullally, F.; Nather, R. E.; Reaves, D.; Slaughter, D.; Sullivan, D. J.; von Hippel, T.
294 Extrasolar Terrestrial Planets: Can We Detect Them Already? 75 Endl, M.; Kürster, M.; Rouesnel, F.; Els, S.; Hatzes, A. P.; Cochran, W. D.
294 Searching for Extrasolar Planets with the Hobby-Eberly Telescope 561 Cochran, W. D.; Tull, R. G.; MacQueen, P. J.; Paulson, D. B.; Endl, M.; Hatzes, A. P.
321 Searching for Terrestrial Planets in the Habitable Zone of M Dwarfs 84 Kurster, M.; Endl, M.
321 Searching for Planets around Stars in Wide Binaries 103 Desidera, S.; Gratton, R.G.; Claudi, R.U.; Carretta, E.; Lucatello, S.; Martinez-Fiorenzano, A.; Bonanno, G.; Cosentino, R.; Scuderi, S.; Barbieri, M.; Endl, M.; Marzari, F.; Brocato, E.; Dolci, M.; Valentini, G.
321 The McDonald Observatory Planet Search Projects 105 Endl, M.; Cochran, W.D.; McArthur, B.; Allende Prieto, C.; Hatzes, A.P.; Paulson, D.B.
393 The Hobby-Eberly Telescope (HET) Delivers the First Ground-Based Detection of an Exoplanetary Atmosphere 259 Redfield, S.; Endl, M.; Cochran, W.D.; Koesterke, L.
398 Search for Massive Earths Around SARG Asteroseismology Targets 37 Benatti, S.; Bonavita, M.; Claudi, R.U.; Desidera, S.; Endl, M.; Barbieri, M.
398 New Results from the McDonald Observatory and ESO/VLT Planet Surveys 51 Endl, M.; Cochran, W.D.; Kürster, M.; Wittenmyer, R.A.; Bean, J.L.
398 A Ground-Based Search For Absorption Features In Transmission Spectra Of Transiting Extrasolar Planets 373 Redfield, S.; Endl, M.; Cochran, W.D.; Koesterke, L.
430 The Habitable Zone Planet Finder Project: A Proposed High Resolution NIR Spectrograph for the Hobby Eberly Telescope (HET) to Discover Low Mass Exoplanets around M Stars 272 Mahadevan, S.; Ramsey, L.; Redman, S.; Zonak, S.; Wright, J.; Wolszczan, A.; Endl, M.; Zhao, B.
496 Searching for Earth-mass Planets Around α Centauri: Obtaining Precise Radial Velocities from Composite Spectra 348 Bergmann, C.; Endl, M.; Hearnshaw, J.; Wittenmyer, R.