Nandra, K.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
54 OSSE Observations of IC 4329A 123 Celotti, A.; Fabian, A. C.; Nandra, K.; Rees, M. J.; Grove, J. E.; Johnson, W. N.
69 X-Ray Monitoring of NGC 5548 211 Done, C.; Pounds, K. A.; Nandra, K.; Fabian, A. C.
69 Reprocessing and the Origin of the Blue Bump in AGN 273 Nandra, K.
113 Relativistic Iron K-alpha Emission in Seyfert Galaxies 36 Nandra, K.
128 Evidence for Relativistic Outflows in Narrow-Line Seyfert 1 Galaxies 155 Leighly, K. M.; Mushotzky, R. F.; Nandra, K.
162 X-Ray Dependencies on Luminosity in AGN 65 Nandra, K.
234 SHEEP: the ASCA 5-10 keV survey 471 Georgantopoulos, I.; Nandra, K.; Ptak, A.
262 What has Chandra told us about Active Galaxies? (abstract only) 185 Nandra, K.
311 Properties and Evolution of the Highly Ionized Gas in MR 2251−178 333 Kaspi, S.; Netzer, H.; Chelouche, D.; George, I.M.; Turner, T.J.; Nandra, K.
373 Relativistic Inflow in the Seyfert 1 Mrk 335 Revealed through X-ray Absorption 341 Longinotti, A.L.; Sim, S.; Nandra, K.; Cappi, M.; O'Neill, P.
380 The Environment of X-ray AGN at z ≈ 1 157 Georgakakis, A.; Nandra, K.; Cooper, M.C.; the AEGIS collaboration