Orio, M.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
29 Classical Novae as Fast Magnetic Rotators 359 Orio, M.; Ogelman, H.; Trussoni, E.
137 Systematic Long Term Variations in the Light Curve of the Black-hole Candidate System V616 MON 459 Leibowitz, E. M.; Hemar, S.; Orio, M.
137 The ROSAT database on classical novae 560 Orio, M.; Ogelman, H.
229 BZ Cam during its 1999/2000 Optical Low-State 373 Greiner, Jochen; Tovmassian, Gaghik; Lehmann, H.; Chavushyan, V.; Rau, A.; Schwarz, R.; Orio, M.; Casalengo, R.; Conselice, C.
261 Chandra HETG and RXTE PCA observations of the old nova V603 Aquilae 647 Mukai, K.; Orio, M.
315 Bi-Modality in the Short-Term Photometric Properties of the Intermediate Polar V1062 Tau 243 Lipkin, Y.; Leibowitz, E.M.; Orio, M.
330 White Dwarfs Undergoing Hydrogen Shell Burning in Single Degenerate Binary Systems 305 Orio, M.; Rauch, T.; Tepedelenlioglu, E.; Leibowitz, E.
334 Spectral Analysis of Super Soft X-ray Sources: V4743 Sagittarii 423 Rauch, T.; Orio, M.; Gonzales-Riestra, R.; Still, M.
342 White Dwarfs Undergoing Hydrogen Shell Burning in Single Degenerate Binary Systems 158 Orio, M.
363 A Chandra Observation of V838 Mon a Year after the Second Outburst 48 Orio, M.
374 Supersoft X-ray Sources in the Local Group 293 Orio, M.
401 RS Ophiuchi 2006: Insights from High Resolution X-ray Spectroscopy 287 Nelson, T.; Orio, M.; Cassinelli, J.P.; Still, M.; Leibowitz, E.; Mucciarelli, P.
401 Chandra and XMM-Newton X-ray Light Curves of RS Ophiuchi 302 Orio, M.; Leibowitz, E.; Prialnik, D.; Nelson, T.; Yaron, O.
490 The Multiple Periods and the Magnetic Nature of CP Puppis 63 Mason, E.; Bianchini, A.; Orio, M.; Williams, R. E.; Mukai, K.; de Marino, D.; Abbot, T. M. C.; di Mille, F.