Pedlar, A.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
51 The UK Deep Survey Project 466 Branduardi-Raymont, G.; Carrera, F. J.; Mason, K. O.; Mittaz, J. P. D.; Puchnarewicz, E. M.; Smith, P. J.; Jones, L. R.; Merrifield, M. R.; McHardy, I. M.; Lehto, H.; Jones, M. H.; Rowan-Robinson, M.; Pounds, K. A.; Stewart, G. C.; Warwick, R. S.; Fabian, A. C.; McMahon, R.; Ward, M. J.; Pedlar, A.
51 The UK Extended Deep ROSAT Survey 468 Jones, L. R.; McHardy, I. M.; Merrifield, M.; Branduardi-Raymont, G.; Mason, K. O.; Smith, P. J.; Rowan-Robinson, M.; Jones, M. H.; Lawrence, A.; Efstathiou, G. P.; Ponman, T. J.; Willmore, A. P.; Allan, D. J.; Jeffries, R. D.; Quenby, J.; Lehto, H.; Luppino, G.; Pye, J.; Page, C.; Pedlar, A.
54 Kiloparsec-Scale Radio Emission in Seyferts: Evidence for Starburst Driven Superwinds? 297 Baum, S. A.; O'Dea, C. P.; Dallacasa, D.; de Bruyn, A. G.; Pedlar, A.
91 Neutral Hydrogen in the Bar of NGC4151 242 Mundell, C. G.; Pedlar, A.; Shone, D. L.; Asif, M. W.; Robinson, A.; Axon, D. J.
91 NGC3227 - an Interacting Barred Spiral with and Active Nucleus 473 Mundell, C. G.; Pedlar, A.; Shone, D. L.; Axon, D. J.; Meaburn, J.; Unger, S. W.
100 IRAS 042 10+0400: Jets Crossing an ISM/IGM Interface? 365 Steffen, W.; Holloway, A. J.; Pedlar, A.; Axon, D. J.
156 Neutral Hydrogen Absorption in Nearby Active Galaxies 252 Pedlar, A.; Wills, K. A.; Cole, G. H. J.; Muxlow, T. W. B.; Mundell, C. G.; Gallimore, J. F.
186 Ionized Gas in the SGR A Complex -- VLA Observations of H168α and H270α Recombination Lines 422 Anantharamaiah, K. R.; Pedlar, A.; Goss, W. M.
230 HI Absorption in NGC 2146 Observed with MERLIN 507 Tarchi, A.; Neininger, N.; Klein, U.; Pedlar, A.; Greve, A.
230 Compact Radio Sources in NGC 2146 509 Tarchi, A.; Neininger, N.; Klein, U.; Greve, A.; Garrington, S. T.; Muxlow, T. W. B.; Pedlar, A.; Glendenning, B. E.
240 MERLIN & VLA Observations of HI Absorption in M 82 402 Pedlar, A.; Wills, K. A.; Muxlow, T. W. B.; Das, M.
249 TAURUS Observations of the Ionized Gas in NGC 4151 715 Asif, M. W.; Unger, S. W.; Pedlar, A.; Mundell, C. G.; Robinson, A.; Axon, D. J.
284 The Orientation of the Seyfert Nucleus in Mrk 348 289 Antón, Sonia; Thean, A.; Browne, I.; Pedlar, A.
290 The neutral dust and gas in the radio galaxy 3C 305 215 Jackson, N.; Beswick, R.; Pedlar, A.; Cole, G.; Leahy, J. P.; Holloway, A. J.; Sparks, W. B.; Axon, D.
290 Neutral Hydrogen Absorption against the Radio Galaxy 3C 293 and the LIRG NGC 6240 481 Beswick, R. J.; Pedlar, A.; Mundell, C. G.; Gallimore, J. F.; Peck, A. B.; Taylor, G. B.; Holloway, A. J.
290 Circumnuclear starbursts and nuclear activity: NGC6951 543 Saikia, D. J.; Kantharia, N. G.; Hota, A.; Phookun, B.; Pedlar, A.; Kohno, K.
320 High Resolution Observations of Neutral Gas in the Starburst Merger NGC 520 73 Beswick, R.; Pedlar, A.; Clemens, M.; Alexander, P.
320 Study of Neutral Gas in NGC 3079 109 Strong, M.; Beswick, R.; Pedlar, A.; Mundell, C.; Wills, K.; Holloway, A.
320 Neutral Hydrogen Absorption at the Center of NGC 2146 112 Tarchi, A.; Greve, A.; Peck, A.; Neininger, N.; Wills, K.; Pedlar, A.; Klein, U.
320 OH Molecules & Masers in Messier 82 183 Pedlar, A.; Muxlow, T.; Smith, R.; Thrall, H.; Beswick, R.; Aalto, S.; Booth, R.; Wills, K.
380 The Statistical Properties of the Very Weak Radio Source Population in the GOODS/ACS HDF-N Region 199 Muxlow, T.W.B.; Beswick, R.J.; Thrall, H.; Richards, A.M.S.; Garrington, S.T.; Pedlar, A.
390 The Evolution of Supernova Remnants in the M82 Central Starburst 184 Fenech, D.; Muxlow, T.W.B.; Pedlar, A.; Beswick, R.; Argo, M.K.