Peres, G.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
109 Structure and stability of EUV loops originating from sunspots 93 Peres, G.; Orlando, S.
109 Radiatively cooling downdrafts as the origin of redshifts in transition region lines 149 Reale, F.; Peres, G.; Serio, S.
109 Detailed fitting of coronal X-ray spectra with loop models: model characteristics and simulations 257 Ciaravella, A.; Maggio, A.; Peres, G.; Serio, S.
109 Loop modeling of ROSAT/PSPC spectra of Hyades and field F-type stars 269 Maggio, A.; Peres, G.; Pye, J. P.; Hodgkin, S. T.; Morley, J. E.
111 Diagnostics of Solar Flares from Hydrodynamic Modeling: Using the Decay Phase to Derive the Loop Dimensions 232 Reale, F.; Peres, G.; Betta, R.
154 Simulating the Source Parameter Recovery Capability from Coronal X-ray Spectra: the SAX/LECS and the ASCA/SIS Cases 1027 Favata, F.; Maggio, A.; Peres, G.; Sciortino, S.
154 X-ray Variability in ROSAT Observations of M Stars 1116 Marino, A.; Micela, G.; Peres, G.
154 Solar-Stellar Connection: Relevance of YOHKOH Data 1130 Orlando, S.; Peres, G.; Reale, F.; Rosner, R.; Hudson, H.
154 X-ray Flare Light Curves and Dimensions of the Flaring Regions 1161 Serio, S.; Reale, F.; Betta, R.; Peres, G.; McTiernan, J.
154 Coronal Loop Modeling of ROSAT/PSPC X-ray Spectra from Solar-Type Stars 1183 Ventura, R.; Maggio, A.; Peres, G.
158 The Solar-Stellar Connection in X-rays: How to Take Advantage of the YOHKOH data 391 Peres, G.; Orlando, S.; Reale, F.; Rosner, R.; Hudson, H.
198 X-ray spectra of the Sun as a star: how different coronal regions contribute to the observed X-ray spectrum 479 Orlando, S.; Peres, G.; Reale, F.; Rosner, R.; Hudson, H.
230 Spectra and Evolution of Two X-Ray Sources in M81 397 La Parola, V.; Peres, G.; Fabbiano, G.; Kim, D. W.
234 The Solar Corona vs. Stellar Coronae 41 Peres, G.
268 Deep ROSAT-HRI Observation of the cD Galaxy NGC 1399 in the Fornax Cluster: Morphology and Dynamical Status of the X-Ray Halo 425 Paolillo, M.; Peres, G.; Fabbiano, G.; Kim, D.-W.
277 AD Leo observed with Chandra LETG: emission measure distribution density, and element abundances of the coronal plasma 57 Maggio, A.; Drake, J. J.; Kashyap, V.; Micela, G.; Sciortino, S.; Peres, G.; Harnden, F. R., Jr.; Murray, S. S.
277 Observing the Sun as an X-ray Star: Active Region Evolution and Rotational Modulation 341 Orlando, S.; Peres, G.; Reale, F.
277 X-ray variability in ROSAT-PSPC observations of dF7-dK2 stars 539 Marino, A.; Peres, G.; Micela, G.; Sciortino, S.
397 Hinode/XRT Diagnostics of Loop Thermal Structure 50 Reale, F.; Parenti, S.; Reeves, K.K.; Weber, M.; Bobra, M.G.; Barbera, M.; Kano, R.; Narukage, N.; Shimojo, M.; Sakao, T.; Peres, G.; Golub, L.
428 Large Scale Properties of Coronal Heating along the Solar Cycle 139 Peres, G.; Argiroffi, C.; Orlando, S.; Reale, F.
448 Generation of Knots in a Randomly Pulsed Protostellar Jet: Synthesis of the X-ray Emission 559 Bonito, R.; Orlando, S.; Miceli, M.; Eislöffel, J.; Peres, G.; Favata, F.
456 Hot Plasma Detected in Active Regions by HINODE/XRT and SDO/AIA 129 Reale, F.; Testa, P.; Guarrasi, M.; DeLuca, E.; Peres, G.; Golub, L.