Valdes, F.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
25 A Quantitative Study of Optimal Extraction 398 Valdes, F.
25 The IRAF Spectroscopy Reduction Packages and Tasks 417 Valdes, F.
61 PSFMEASURE/STARFOCUS: New IRAF PSF Measuring Tasks 280 Valdes, F.
61 PSFMEASURE/STARFOCUS: PSF Measuring Algorithms 284 Valdes, F.
145 The Mosaic Data Capture Agent 120 Tody, D.; Valdes, F.
314 The NOAO Pipeline Data Manager 74 Hiriart, R.; Valdes, F.; Pierfederici, F.; Smith, C.; Miller, M.
314 The NOAO Mosaic Pipeline Architecture 476 Pierfederici, F.; Valdes, F.; Smith, C.; Hiriart, R.; Miller, M.
314 Representations of Distortions in FITS World Coordinate Systems 551 Calabretta, M.R.; Valdes, F.; Greisen, E.W.; Allen, S.L.
347 A Conceptual Domain Model for the NOAO Science Archive 689 Warner, P.; Hiriart, R.; Valdes, F.; Lauer, T.; Points, S.
376 Astronomical Tiled Image Compression: How and Why 483 Seaman, R.; Pence, W.; White, R.; Dickinson, M.; Valdes, F.; Zarate, N.
376 The NOAO End-to-End Data Management System: An Overview 615 Smith, R.C.; Dickinson, M.; Lowry, S.; Miller, C.J.; Trueblood, M.; Valdes, F.; the NOAO/DPP Team
376 IRAF Users and Developers 688 Fitzpatrick, M.; Valdes, F.; Seaman, R.; Zarate, N.
411 The NOAO NEWFIRM Pipeline 506 Swaters, R.A.; Valdes, F.; Dickinson, E.
442 The Marriage of Mario (NHPPS) and Luigi (OGCE) 211 Valdes, F.; Marru, S.
485 The DECam Community Pipeline 379 Valdes, F.; Gruendl, R.; DES Project
495 A Moving Object Detection System (MODS) for the DECam NEO Survey 95 Valdes, F.; DECam NEO Survey