Veilleux, S.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
54 Infrared Spectroscopy of Seyfert 2s: A Look through the Obscuring Torus 273 Veilleux, S.; Goodrich, R. W.; Hill, G. J.
71 HIFI Survey of Emission-Line Galaxies: Recent Results on the Nuclear Superbubble of NGC 3079 113 Veilleux, S.; Cecil, G.
195 Fabry-Perot Imaging Spectroscopy of Starburst and AGN Winds 277 Veilleux, S.
195 A Very Extended Ionized Nebula around the Quasar MR2251 - 178 (Poster) 404 Shopbell, P. L.; Veilleux, S.; Bland-Hawthorn, J.
240 Recent Results from a Superwind Survey of Nearby Galaxies 388 Veilleux, S.
254 Warm Ionized Gas on the Outskirts of Active and Star-Forming Galaxies 313 Veilleux, S.
254 A New Observational Upper Limit to the Low Redshift Ionizing Background Radiation 363 Vogel, S. N.; Weymann, R. J.; Veilleux, S.; Epps, H. W.
282 Fabry-Perot Survey of Emission-Line Galaxies (Invited Talk) 293 Veilleux, S.
284 The NAture of the Faint Far-Infrared Extragalactic Source Population: Optical/NIR and Radio Follow-Up Observationts of ISOPHOT Deep-Field Sources using the Keck, Subaru, and VLA Telescopes. 213 Kakazu, Yuko; Sanders, David B.; Joseph, R. D.; Cowie, L. L.; Murayama, T.; Taniguchi, Y.; Veilleux, S.; Yun, Min S.; Kawara, K.; Sofue, Y.; Sato, Y.; Okuda, H.; Wakamatsu, K.; Matsumoto, T.; Matsuhara, H.
290 The AGN Paradigm: Radio-Quiet Objects 11 Veilleux, S.
320 Galactic Winds: Near and Far 277 Veilleux, S.
320 Spectroscopy of Galactic Winds in Ultraluminous Infrared Galaxies at 0.1 < z < 0.5 307 Rupke, D.; Veilleux, S.; Sanders, D.
331 Galactic Winds in Starburst and Active Galaxies 313 Veilleux, S.; Rupke, D.S.
357 Evolution of Activity in Massive Gas-Rich Mergers 231 Veilleux, S.
373 Silicate Emission in AGN: Emission from the Torus or (and) Extended Emission? 501 Schweitzer, M.; Lutz, D.; Sturm, E.; Genzel, R.; Veilleux, S.; Rupke, D.; Kim, D.-C.; Baker, A.J.; Groves, B.; Tomono, D.; Netzer, H.; Sternberg, A.
373 Uncovering the Active Galactic Nuclei in Low-ionization Nuclear Emission-line Regions with Spitzer 525 Rupke, D.; Veilleux, S.; Kim, D.-C.; Sturm, E.; Contursi, A.; Lutz, D.; Netzer, H.; Sternberg, A.; Maoz, D.
381 QUEST: A Quasar/ULIRG Evolutionary Study with Spitzer/IRS 24 Veilleux, S.; the QUEST Team
390 A Consistent Picture of Gas Kinematics within Nuclear Rings 139 Mazzuca, L.M.; Swaters, R.A.; Veilleux, S.; Knapen, J.H.
448 Deriving Age-Activity Relations in M Dwarf Stars Using Clusters of Known Ages 1055 Andersen, J. M.; West, A. A.; Covey, K. R.; McDonald, M.; Veilleux, S.; Seth, A.
460 Massive Neutral and Molecular Winds in Nearby Galaxies 139 Veilleux, S.
517 How Do Cold Gas Outflows Shape Galaxies? 441 Bolatto, A. D.; Armus, L.; Leroy, A. K.; Veilleux, S.; Walter, F.; Mushotzky, R.