Alexov, A.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
145 How to Piece Together Diffracted Grating Arms for AXAF Flight Data 169 Alexov, A.; McLaughlin, W.; Huenemoerder, D.
238 STPOA---The New Pipeline Package for the HST Post-Operational Archive 178 Alexov, A.; Bristow, P.; Kerber, F.; Rosa, M.
281 Close-out and Final Improvement of HST POA FOS/BLUE Archived Data 363 Alexov, A.; Bristow, P.; Kerber, F.; Rosa, M.
314 ATLAS - A General Search Service for Complex Data Collections 205 Alexov, A.; Good, J.
347 The NASA/IPAC Infrared Science Archive (IRSA): The Demo 7 Alexov, A.; Berriman, G.B.; Chiu, N.-M.; Good, J.C.; Jarrett, T.H.; Kong, M.-S.; Laity, A.C.; Monkewitz, S.M.; Tahir-Kheli, N.D.; Norton, S.W.; Zhang, A.
347 RADAR: A Fast, Scalable, and Distributable Archive Inventory Service 418 Zhang, A.; Jarrett, T.H.; Alexov, A.; Berriman, G.B.; Good, J.C.; Kong, M.; Tahir-Kheli, N.D.; Monkewitz, S.
351 NASA/IPAC Infrared Archive's General Image Cutouts Service 682 Alexov, A.; Good, J.C.
376 Band Merging of Spitzer Detections in the SWIRE Fields 457 Shupe, D.L.; Alexov, A.; Evans, T.; Fang, F.; Fowler, J.W.; Lonsdale, C.J.; Surace, J.A.; Afonso-Luis, A.
376 A New Approach to Tagging Data in the Astronomical Literature 471 Alexov, A.; Good, J.C.
381 Spitzer Data at the NASA/IPAC Infrared Science Archive (IRSA) 513 Alexov, A.; Good, J.C.
411 Design of the Spitzer Space Telescope Heritage Archive 29 Levine, D.; Wu, X.; Good, J.; Alexov, A.; Berriman, G.B.; Capak, P.; Groom, S.; Handley, T.; Kirkpatrick, J.D.; Lacy, M.; Legassie, M.; Laine, S.; Ly, L.; Roby, T.; Laher, R.R.
411 A Case Study in Modernizing Software: The IRAS Scan Processing and Integration Tool (“Scanpi”) 33 Alexov, A.; Good, J.; Khan, I.R.
434 The LOFAR Pulsar Data Pipeline 193 Alexov, A.; Hessels, J.; Mol, J. D.; Stappers, B.; van Leeuwen, J.
442 LOFAR and HDF5: Toward a New Radio Data Standard 53 Anderson, K.; Alexov, A.; Bähren, L.; Grießmeier, J.-M.; Wise, M.; Renting, G. A.
442 Towards HDF5: Encapsulation of Large and/or Complex Astronomical Data 663 Wise, M.; Alexov, A.; Folk, M.; Pierfederici, F.; Anderson, K.; Bähren, L.
461 Status of LOFAR Data in HDF5 Format 283 Alexov, A.; Schellart, P.; ter Veen, S.; van der Akker, M.; Bähren, L.; Greißmeier, J. G.; Hessels, J. W. T.; Mol, J. D.; Renting, G. A.; Swinbank, J.; Wise, M.
461 Long Term Preservation of Data Analysis Software at the NASA/IPAC Infrared Science Archive 605 Teplitz, H. I.; Groom, S.; Brooke, T.; Desai, V.; Engler, D.; Fowler, J.; Good, J.; Khan, I.; Levine, D.; Alexov, A.
461 The AstroHDF Effort 871 Masters, J.; Alexov, A.; Folk, M.; Hanisch, R.; Heber, G.; Wise, M.
485 Choosing a Single Sign-On Solution at STScI 289 Alexov, A.; Deighton, D.; Doggett, J.; McCuen, L.; Russell, R.; Yermolaev, A.
495 The “One Archive” for JWST 77 Greene, G.; Kyprianou, M.; Levay, K.; Sienkewicz, M.; Donaldson, T.; Dower, T.; Swam, M.; Bushouse, H.; Greenfield, P.; Kidwell, R.; Wolfe, D.; Gardner, L.; Nieto-Santisteban, M.; Swade, D.; McLean, B.; Abney, F.; Alexov, A.; Binegar, S.; Aloisi, A.; Slowinski, S.; Gousoulin, J.
495 JWST Associated Science Data Products 559 Swade, D.; Alexov, A.; Bushouse, H.; Greene, G.; Swam, M.
512 Integrating Single Sign-On into the STScI Archive: Lessons Learned 93 Alexov, A.; Abney, F.; Kyprianou, M.; Levay, K.; Zahn, J.
522 Design of JWST Associations: Automated Generation of Combined Products 679 Alexov, A.; Swade, D.; Bushouse, H.; Diaz, R. I.; DuPrie, K.; Eisenhamer, J.; Hack, W.; Kyprianou, M.; Levay, K.; Rahmani, C.; Swam, M.; Valenti, J.
523 JWST Data Management Subsystem Operations: Rehearsing to
Receive, Process, and Archive JWST Data
175 Kaleida, C.; Alexov, A.; Kyprianou, M.; Abney, F.; Burger, M.
523 Hit the Ground Running: Data Management for JWST 209 Alexov, A.; Kyprianou, M.; Kaleida, C.; Alexov, A.; Kyprianou, M.; Kaleida, C.
527 An Overview of DKIST Operations Commissioning and Tools 435 Alexov, A.; Tritschler, A.; Rimmele, T.; Marshall, H.; Parraguez, A.
532 Lessons Learned Regarding Software Tools Used During the 1st
DKIST Operations Commissioning Call for Proposals
583 Alexov, A.; Tritschler, A.; Rimmele, T.