Allan, A.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
238 IFU Data Products and Reduction Software 459 Allan, A.; Allington-Smith, J.; Turner, J.; Johnson, R.; Miller, B.; Valdes, F. G.
295 eSTAR: Building an Observational GRID 13 Allan, A.; Naylor, N.; Steele, I.; Carter, D.; Etherton, J.; Mottram, C.
295 Source Code Management and Software Distribution using Open Source Technologies 373 Bly, M. J.; Allan, A.; Jenness, T.
314 eSTAR: Astronomers, Agents and when Robotic Telescopes aren't . . . 597 Allan, A.; Naylor, T.; Steele, I.; Carter, D.; Jenness, T.; Economou, F.; Adamson, A.
314 Observer Versus Software Engineer: The Dawn of the Armchair Astronomers 755 Economou, F.; Jenness, T.; Delorey, K.K.; Cavanagh, B.; de Witt, S.; Allan, A.
347 Starlink Software Developments 22 Draper, P.W.; Allan, A.; Berry, D.S.; Currie, M.J.; Giaretta, D.; Rankin, S.; Gray, N.; Taylor, M.B.
347 Porting the Starlink Software Collection to GNU Autotools 119 Gray, N.; Jenness, T.; Allan, A.; Berry, D.S.; Currie, M.J.; Draper, P.W.; Taylor, M.B.; Cavanagh, B.
347 FROG: Time Series Analysis for the Web Service Era 370 Allan, A.
347 Architecture of the WFCAM/eSTAR Transient Object Detection Agent 504 Cavanagh, B.; Allan, A.; Jenness, T.; Economou, F.; Hirst, P.; Adamson, A.; Naylor, T.
376 Seamless Distributed Observing with eSTAR 81 Allan, A.; Naylor, T.; White, R.R.; Seaman, R.L.
376 The Emerging Infrastructure of Autonomous Astronomy 683 Seaman, R.; Allan, A.; Axelrod, T.; Cook, K.; White, R.; Williams, R.
394 Transient Event Reporting and Response with VOEvent 213 Seaman, R.; Allan, A.; Williams, R.
411 Architectures for Time-domain Astronomy 547 Seaman, R.; Allan, A.; Pierfederici, F.; Williams, R.
512 7 Years of .Astronomy: Building the Astronomy Community of the Future 23 Kendrew, S.; Simpson, R.; Allan, A.; Bauer, A.; Lintott, C. J.; Ödman-Govender, C.; Smith, A.