Appenzeller, I.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
62 Herbig Ae/Be stars: The interface between low-mass and high-mass star formation 12 Appenzeller, I.
109 ORFEUS FUV spectra of late-type stars 287 Schmitt, J. H. M. M.; Krautter, J.; Appenzeller, I.; Mandel, H.; Barnstedt, J.; Golz, M.; Grewing, M.; Gringel, W.; Haas, C.; Hopfensitz, W.; Kappelmann, N.; Kramer, G.; Wichmann, R.
169 FUV spectroscopy of DO and PG 1159 stars with ORFEUS 511 Werner, K.; Dreizler, S.; Rauch, T.; Barnstedt, J.; Gölz, M.; Gringel, W.; Kappelmann, N.; Krämer, G.; Widmann, H.; Koesterke, L.; Haas, S.; Heber, U.; Appenzeller, I.; Grewing, M.
188 LUCIFER-LBT NIR spectroscopic Utility with Camera and Integral Field Unit for Extragalactic Research 321 Mandel, H.; Appenzeller, I.; Seifert, W.; Xu, W.; Herbst, T.; Lenzen, R.; Thatte, T.; Lemke, R.; Bomans, D.; Nicklas, H.; Weiser, P.
214 A Spectroscopic Study of Be stars in the SMC Cluster NGC 330 79 Hummel, W.; Gässler, W.; Muschielok, B.; Szeifert, T.; Seifert, W.; Appenzeller, I.; Rupprecht, G.
223 The Late-type Stellar Component in the ROSAT All-sky Survey at High Galactic Latitude (CD-ROM Directory: contribs/zickgraf) 557 Zickgraf, F.-J.; Alcalá, J. M.; Covino, E.; Krautter, J.; Appenzeller, I.; Frink, S.; Sterzik, M. F.
231 A VLT View of the Bottom of the Main Sequence in M4 450 Schweitzer, A.; Krautter, J.; Wagner, S.; Appenzeller, I.; FORS Team
284 Optical Identification of X-ray Sources in a High X-ray Flux Sensitivity Area from the RASS 259 Mújica, R.; Zickgraf, F.-J.; Chavushyan, V. H.; Juárez, Y.; Serrano, A.; Appenzeller, I.; Krautter, J.