Knapp, G. R.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
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35 Mass Loss from Cool Supergiant Stars 199 Knapp, G. R.; Woodhams, Michael
43 The Sloan Digital Sky Survey 267 Gunn, J. E.; Knapp, G. R.
58 High Altitude Molecular Clouds 172 Malhotra, S.; Knapp, G. R.
58 The Relationship Between Diffuse and Dense Gas in the Galaxy 396 Knapp, G. R.
73 The life cycle of the Interstellar Medium in other galaxies 121 Knapp, G. R.
93 Molecules, Dust and the Structure of Circumstellar Envelopes 71 Knapp, G. R.
163 Cold Gas and Star Formation in Elliptical Galaxies 119 Knapp, G. R.
163 Panel Discussion: Star Formation in Early-Type Galaxies 142 Knapp, G. R.; Binette, L.; Bower, R. G.; Brinks, E.; Goudfrooij, P.; Hau, G.; Pogge, R. W.; Young, L. M.
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203 Link between Mass-Loss and Variability Type for AGB Stars? 124 Ivezić, ž.; Knapp, G. R.
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