Del Zanna, G.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
64 The EUV Spectrum of AT MIC 44 Monsignori Fossi, B. C.; Landini, M.; Del Zanna, G.; Drake, J. J.
64 Temperature and Density of a Flare on AU MIC Observed by the EUVE Spectrometers 47 Monsignori Fossi, B. C.; Landini, M.; Del Zanna, G.; Bowyer, S.
109 Comparison of temperature and density diagnostics in the coronae of a Centauri and the sun 259 Del Zanna, G.; Landini, M.; Landi, E.; Monsignori Fossi, B. C.
140 Multiwavelength Observations of a Coronal Hole 363 Gopalswamy, N.; Shibasaki, K.; Deforest, C. E.; Bromage, B. J. I.; Del Zanna, G.
158 Tales of an Elephant's Trunk 370 Bromage, B. J. I.; Clegg, J. R.; Del Zanna, G.; Thompson, B.
223 EUV Macrospicule in an Off-Limb Observation of the Solar South Coronal Hole (CD-ROM Directory: contribs/parenti) 715 Parenti, S.; Bromage, G. E.; Del Zanna, G.; Bromage, B. J. I.
277 Active Region Studies with SOHO-CDS 37 Mason, H. E.; Del Zanna, G.
277 Solar and stellar high-resolution X-ray spectra: plasma diagnostics with the CHIANTI atomic database 333 Del Zanna, G.; Mason, H. E.
369 Application of CHIANTI to Solar-B 35 Dere, K.; Landi, E.; Del Zanna, G.; Young, P.; Mason, H.; Landini, M.
397 Density Structure in Active Regions from Hinode/EIS 45 Tripathi, D.; Mason, H.E.; Young, P.R.; Chifor, C.; Del Zanna, G.
397 Active Region 1 MK Loops: EIS vs. SOHO/CDS Observations 87 Del Zanna, G.
415 Diagnostics of Active Region Loops Observed with Hinode/EIS 260 Tripathi, D.; Mason, H. E.; Dwivedi, B. N.; Del Zanna, G.; Young, P. R.
415 Coronal Loops: New Insights from EIS Observations 264 Del Zanna, G.; Bradshaw, S. J.
415 Multi-Instrument Campaigns to Observe the Off-Limb Corona 315 Del Zanna, G.; Andretta, V.; Poletto, G.; Teriaca, L.; Ko, Y.-K.; Mason, H. E.; Vourdilas, A.; Bemporad, A.; Magri, M.
415 An Erupting Filament and Associated CME Observed by Hinode, STEREO, and SOHO 385 Bemporad, A.; Del Zanna, G.; Andretta, V.; Magrí , M.; Poletto, G.; Ko, Y.-K.