Eisenhamer, B.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
319 IDEAS GRANT: An Opportunity for Creative Collaboration 281 Eisenhamer, B.; Bradbury, H.
319 Using Scientific Results from the Hubble Space Telescope to Create Curriculum Support Tools 352 McCallister, D.; Eisenhamer, B.; Eisenhamer, J.; Smith, D.A.
319 Partnering Scientists and Educators: A Model for Professional and Product Development 388 Smith, D.A.; Eisenhamer, B.; Teays, T.J.; McCallister, D.
319 How Does an Educator Find NASA Space Science Resources? 400 Teays, T.J.; Rest, C.; Smith, D.A.; Eisenhamer, B.
389 Engaging Learners with Space Telescope Data: Best Practices and Lessons Learned from Across the Spectrum 203 Dussault, M.; Smith, D.; Eisenhamer, B.; Summers, F.; McCallister, D.; Thaller, M.; Lochner, J.; Hartman, M.
400 Image Unveilings and Library Exhibits: IYA Outreach Projects for Audiences Old and New 213 Summers, F.; Smith, D.; Stoke, J.; Eisenhamer, B.; the Great Observatories Image Unveilings
457 Collaborating with Public Libraries: Successes, Challenges, and Thoughts for the Future 101 Smith, D. A.; Eisenhamer, B.; Sharma, M.; Brandehoff, S.; Dominiak, J.; Shipp, S.; LaConte, K.
457 Hubble's Early Release Observations Student Pilot Project: Implementing Formal and Informal Collaborations 229 Eisenhamer, B.; Ryer, H.; McCallister, D.
457 Bringing the Virtual Astronomical Observatory to the\newline Education Community 283 Lawton, B.; Eisenhamer, B.; Mattson, B. J.; Raddick, M. J.
457 Working Together Through NASA's Astrophysics Forum: Collaborations Across the Spectrum 355 Smith, D. A.; Sharma, M.; Watkins, M.; Lawton, B.; Eisenhamer, B.; McCallister, D.; Bartolone, L.; Nichols, M.; Withnell, H.; Schultz, G.; Fraknoi, A.; Manning, J. G.; Blair, W.; Bianchi, L.
473 Astro4Girls and Their Families: Sharing Science via Public Libraries 385 Sharma, M.; Smith, D.; Eisenhamer, B.; Ryer, H.; Dussault, M.; Braswell, E.; Cominsky, L.; Apple, N.; Della, T.; Whiffen, P.; Harman, P.; Mitchell, S.; Eyermann, S.; Brandehoff, S.; Dominiak, J.
473 Delivering Hubble Discoveries to the Classroom 399 Eisenhamer, B.; Villard, R.; Weaver, D.; Cordes, K.; Knisely, L.
483 The Hubble Education and Public Outreach Program: Two Decades of Discovery 273 Smith, D.; Eisenhamer, B.; Jirdeh, H.; Knisely, L.; McCallister, D.; Ryer, H.
483 The Hubble Education and Public Outreach Program: Best Practices and Lessons Learned 365 Eisenhamer, B.; Jirdeh, H.; Knisely, L.; McCallister, D.; Ryer, H.; Smith, D.
500 Frontier Fields: A Cost-Effective Approach to Bringing Authentic Science to the Education Community 275 Eisenhamer, B.; Lawton, B.; Summers, F.; Ryer, H.