Voges, W.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
51 First Optical Results on an X-Ray Selected Sample of ROSAT Clusters of Galaxies 361 Pierre, M.; Schuecker, P.; Böhringer, H.; Cruddace, R.; Ebeling, H.; Voges, W.; Collins, C.; MacGillivray, H.; Romer, A.
51 Cosmological Implictions of Slew Survey Source Samples 475 Schachter, J.; Elvis, M.; Voges, W.
54 On the Effects of X-Ray Subclumps and Cluster/Subcluster Mergers on Extended Radio Sources 325 Burns, J. O.; Rhee, G.; Roettiger, K.; Pinkney, J.; Loken, C.; Owen, F. N.; Voges, W.
200 Clustering in the REFLEX Cluster Survey 349 Guzzo, L.; Collins, C.; Schueker, P.; Böhringer, H.; Neumann, D. M.; Schindler, S.; De Grandi, S.; Chincarini, G.; ; Cruddace, R.; Edge, A. C.; Shaver, P. A.; Voges, W.
215 Delving into large-scale structures of the X-ray Universe 217 Tesch, Frank; Engels, D.; Carrera, F.; Ledoux, C.; Hu, J.; Wei, J.; Ugryumov, A.; Valls-Gabaud, David; Voges, W.
218 Searching for X-Ray Galaxy Clusters in the Zone of Avoidance 93 Böhringer, H.; Schuecker, P.; Komossa, S.; Retzlaff, J.; Reiprich, T. H.; Voges, W.
223 X-Ray Emission from the Ursa Major Group Detected in the ROSAT All Sky Survey (CD-ROM Directory: contribs/stern) 1497 Stern, R. A.; Schmitt, J. H. M. M.; Voges, W.
225 The ROSAT X-ray Database from All-Sky Survey and Pointed Observations 234 Voges, W.; Boller, T.; Englhauser, J.; Freyberg, M.; Supper, R.
251 First Results from the ROSAT All-sky Survey / Sloan Digital Sky Survey Collaboration 496 Voges, W.; Trümper, J.; Boller, Th.; Böhringer, H.; Neuhäuser, R.; Englhauser, J.; Xue, J.; Anderson, S.; Annis, J.; Margon, B.; McKay, T.; Nichol, R.; Sheldon, E.; Richards, G.; The SDSS Collaboration
268 The Radio Butcher-Oemler Effect: The Evolution of the Radio-selected Galaxy Population within Rich Clusters over the Last 5 Gyr 419 Morrison, G. E.; Owen, F. N.; Ledlow, M. J.; Keel, W. C.; Hill, J. M.; Voges, W.
271 Galactic SNR Candidates in the ROSAT All-Sky Survey 391 Schaudel, D.; Becker, W.; Voges, W.; Aschenbach, B.; Reich, W.; Weisskopf, M.
281 The On-Line Archive Science Information Services (OASIS) as an Enabling Technology for Visual Cross-Comparisons Between Multiple Data Sets 63 Berriman, G. B.; Kong, M.; Good, J. C.; Lonsdale, C. J.; Voges, W.; Henry, T. J.; Bean, J. L.; Blackwell, J.
284 The Optical, Infrared and Radio Properties of Extragalactic Sources Observed by SDSS, 2MASS and FIRST Surveys 137 Ivezić, željko; Becker, R. H.; Blanton, M.; Fan, Xiaohui; Finlator, Kristian; Gunn, J. E.; Hall, P.; Kim, R. S. J.; Knapp, G. R.; Loveday, J.; Lupton, Robert H.; Menou, Kristen; Narayanan, V.; Richards, G. R.; Rockosi, C. M.; Schlegel, D.; Schneider, D. P.; Strateva, I.; Strauss, M. A.; vanden Berk, D.; Voges, W.; Yanny, B.; The SDSS Collaboration
290 Probing the Evolution of AGN 611 Hoyle, F.; Vogeley, M.; vanden Berk, D.; Voges, W.; Fan, X.
311 A Large Sample of Double-Peaked Hα Lines and AGN Accretion Disks 189 Strateva, I.V.; Strauss, M.A.; Hao, L.; Schlegel, D.J.; Hall, P.B.; Gunn, J.E.; Li, L.; Ivezic, Z.; Richards, G.T.; Zakamska, N.L.; Voges, W.; Anderson, S.F.; Lupton, R.H.; Schneider, D.P.; Brinkmann, J.; Nichol, R.C.
311 RASS Detected Narrow-Line Seyfert 1 Galaxies in the SDSS 273 Gallo, L.C.; Boller, T.; Voges, W.; Anderson, S.F.; Agueros, M.A.; Vanden Berk, D.E.
311 Optically Identified BL Lacs from SDSS 293 Collinge, M.J.; Strauss, M.A.; Hall, P.B.; Ivezic, Z.; Zakamska, N.L.; Richards, G.T.; Schlegel, D.J.; Voges, W.; Anderson, S.F.; Harris, H.C.; Brinkmann, J.
311 A Sample of X-Ray Active Extragalactic Sources Suitable for NIR Adaptive Optics Observations 325 Zuther, J.; Eckart, A.; Straubmeier, C.; Voges, W.
311 Probing the Evolution of AGN 463 Hoyle, F.; Vogeley, M.; Vanden Berk, D.; Voges, W.; Fan, X.
314 Source Detection with Bayesian Inference on ROSAT All-Sky Survey Data Sample 253 Guglielmetti, F.; Voges, W.; Fischer, R.; Boese, G.; Dose, V.
314 Astronomical Catalogues - Simultaneous Querying and Matching 281 Adorf, H.-M.; Lemson, G.; Voges, W.; Enke, H.; Steinmetz, M.
347 Assembly and Classification of Spectral Energy Distributions — A New VO Web Service 365 Adorf, H.-M.; Kerber, F.; Lemson, G.; Micol, A.; Mignani, R.; Rauch, T.; Voges, W.
351 The GAVO Cross-Matcher Application 695 Adorf, H.-M.; Lemson, G.; Voges, W.
495 AWOB: A Collaborative Workbench for Astronomers 491 Kim, J. W.; Lemson, G.; Bulatovic, N.; Makarenko, V.; Vogler, A.; Voges, W.; Yao, Y.; Kiefl, R.; Koychev, S.