Title: Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXXI
Volume: 535 Year: 2024 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: B. V. Hugo, R. Van Rooyen, and O. M. Smirnov
ISBN: 978-1-58381-957-9 eISBN: 978-1-58381-958-6
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Paper Title Page Authors
Front Matter   
Front matter Hugo, B. V.; Van Rooyen, R.; Smirnov, O. M.
Session I. Solutions for workflow management and reproducibility   
The TOM Toolkit: Power tools to enhance science and observations 3 Street, R.A.; Lindstrom, W.; Heinrich-Josties, E.; Collom, D.; Riba, A.; Nation, J.; McCully, C.; Bowman, M.
EleFits: A Modern C++ API on Top of CFITSIO 13 Basset, A.; Grizonnet, M.; Degaudenzi, H.
Open-source Analysis Tools for Multi-instrument Dark Matter Searches 17 Miener, T.; Kerszberg, D.; Nigro, C.; Rico, J.; Nieto, D.
IACT event analysis with the MAGIC telescopes using deep convolutional neural networks with CTLearn 21 Miener, T.; Lopez-Coto, R.; Contreras, J. L.; Green, J. G.; Green, D.; Mariotti, E.; Nieto, D.; Romanato, L.; Yadav, S.
ESAP: The ESCAPE ESFRI Science Analysis Platform 25 Swinbank, J. D.; Bertocco, S.; Russo, S. A.; Sanchez-Exposito, S.
The Struggles to find a good Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) for the DKIST Project 29 Alexov, A.; Guzman, S.
The SIMPLE Archive: Building a Collaborative Database Workflow 33 Rodriguez, D. R.; Cruz, K.; Cooper, W. J.; Whiteford, N.; Fontanive, C.; Hort, E.; Alejandro, S.; Blackwell, R.; Terach, D.
Automated Spectroscopic Analysis using Genetic Algorithms 37 Long, M.; Lau, M. L.; Zhang, S.; Ji L.; Xiao, J.
The SciServer at MPE - Enabling collaboration for eROSITA & HETDEX 41 Haase, J.; Fabricius, M.; Lemson, G.; Salvato, M.
SPSRC: cloud computing in the Spanish prototype of a SKA Regional Centre 45 Moldon, J.; Darriba, L.; Sanchez-Exposito, S.; Garrido, J.; Parra-Royon, M.; Mendoza, M. A.; Verdez-Montenegro, L.
UltraPINK - New possibilities to explore Self-Organizing Kohonen Maps 49 Kollasch, F.; Polsterer, K.
Being Nice to the Server: Wrapping a REST API for a Cosmological Distance/Velocity Calculator with Python 53 Cabral, J.; Kourkchi, E.; Beroiz, M.; Peterson, E.; Sanchez, B.
Flexible Workflow Definitions for Reproducibility in Complex Systems 57 Terrell, M.; Laurino, O.; McLaughlin, W.; Evans, J.
Latent Space Explorer: Unsupervised Data Pattern Discovery on the Cloud 61 Cecconello, T.; Bordiu, C.; Bufano, F.; Puerari, L.; Riggi, S.; Schisano, E.; Sciacca, E.; Maruccia, Y.; Vizzari, G.
A globally distributed and scalable data post-processing framework for WALLABY science 65 Shen, A. X.; Reynolds, T.
AIMfast: An Astronomical Imaging Fidelity Assessment Tool 69 Ramaila, A.; Smirnov, O.; Hugo, B.; Makhathini, S.
Astronomical Image Processing at Scale With Pegasus and Montage 73 Berriman, G. B.; Good, J. C.; Deelman, E.; Tanaka, R.; Vahi, K.
Session II. Understanding and improving machine learning   
Full LST-1 Data Reconstruction Using Convolutional Neural Networks 79 Jurysek, J.; Lyard, E.; Walter, R.
Stellar Spectra Models Classification and Parameter Estimation Using Machine Learning Algorithms 83 Flores R., M..; Corral, L. J.; Fierro-Santillan, C. R.
Preliminary Results of a Deep Learning Anomaly Detection Method to Identify Gamma-Ray Bursts in the AGILE Anticoincidence System 87 Parmiggiani, N.; Bulgarelli, A.; Ursi, A.; Tavai, M.; Macaluso, A.; Di Piano, A.; Fioretti, V.; Addis, A.; Pittori, C.
Prototype of Interactive Visualisation Tool for Bayesian Active Deep Learning 91 Podsztavek, O.; Skoda, P.; Tvrdik, P.
A deep learning approach to the discovery of anonymous Kuiper Belt Objects in wide-field imaging 95 Lee, A.; Kavelaars, J. J.; Teimoorinia, H.; Fraser, W. C.; Ashton, E.
Radio source analysis services for the SKA and precursors 99 Riggi, S.; Bordiu, C.; Magro, D.; Sortino, R.; Pino, C.; Sciacca, E.; Bufano, F.; Cecconello, T.; Vizzari, G.; Vitello, F.; Tudisco, G.
Machine Learning of Galaxy Classification by their Images and Photometry 103 Vavilova, I. B.; Dobrycheva, D. V.; Khramtsov, V.; Vasylenko, M. Y.; Elyiv, A. A.
Prediction of molecular parameters from astronomical emission lines, using Neural Networks 107 Barrientos, A.; Solar, M.
Emission stellar spectra normalisation using SUPPNet 111 Rozanski, T.
HDF5 Parallelization for Hierarchical Semi-Sparse Data Cubes 115 Nadvornik, J.; Skoda, P.; Tvrdik, P.
Building astroBERT, a Language Model for Astronomy & Astrophysics 119 Grezes, F.; Blanco-Cuaresma, S.; Accomazzi, A.; Kurtz, M. J.; Shapurian, G.; Henneken, E.; Grant, C. S.; Thompson, D. M.; Chyla, R.; McDonald, S.; Hostetler, T. W.; Templeton, M. R.; Lockhart, K. E.; Martinovic, N.; Chen, S.; Tanner, C.; Protopapas, P.
Building Trustworthy Machine Learning Models for Astronomy 123 Ntampaka, M.; Ho, M.; Nord, B.
Advanced Data Analysis for Observational Cosmology: Applications to the Study of the Intergalactic Medium 127 Cupani, G.; Calderone, G.; Cristiani, S.; Guarneri, F.
Astronomical Data Approximation Based on Neural Network Models 131 Samorodova, E.; Demianenko, M.; Sysak, M.; Shiriaev, A.; Malanchev, K.; Derkach, D.; Hushchyn, M.
Session III. Modernizing and maintaining telescopes   
A Novel FRB Detection Pipeline For NenuFAR 137 Plante, J.; Gratadour, D.; Bondonneau, L.; Viou, C.
Optimization of the Storage Database for the Monitoring System of the CTA 141 Incardona, F.; Costa, A.; Munari, K.; Bruno, P.; Germani, S.; Grillo, A.; Oya, I.; Neise, D.; Sciacca, E.
Software solutions for numerical modeling of wide-field telescopes 145 Saverese, S.; Schipani, P.; Capasso, G.; Colapietro, M.; D'Orsi, S.; Iuzzolino, M.; Marty, L.; Perrotta, F.; Basile, G.
LMTOY: The LMT Single Dish Spectral Line Toolkit 149 Teuben, P.; Heyer, M.; Mundy, L.; Narayanan, G.; Pound, M.; Rauch, K. J.; Sanchez, D.; Schloerb, F. P.; Souccar, K.; Yun, M.
Multi-segment and Echelle stellar spectra processing issues and how to solve them 153 Borisov, S.; Chilingarian, I.; Rubtsov, E.; Grishin, K.; Katkov, I.; Goradzhanov, V.; Afanasiev, A.; Saburova, A.; Kasparova, A.; Zolotukhin, I.
Session IV. Building accessible and friendly user interfaces   
Realtime Alerts of the Transient Sky on Mobile Devices 159 Reichherzer, P.; Schussler, F.; Lefranc, V.; Alkan, A.; Tjus, J. B.
Design and Development of Modern Science Archives at the ESAC Science Data Centre 163 Espinosa, J.; Fernandez, M.; Arevalo, M.; Lopez-Caniego, M.; Correia de Oliveira, J.; Pesciullesi, P.; Ballester, J.; Martinez, B.; Andres, A.; Carasa, A.; Felix-Redondo, F.; Saiz, J.; Osinde, J.; Bentley, M.; Valles, R.; Docasal, R.; Raga, F.; Merin, B.
Resourcing provision: the INAF gateway 167 Knapic, C.; Tinarelli, F.; Nanni, M.; Taffoni, G.; Stagni, M.; Bedosti, F.; Galluzzi, V.; Smareglia, R.
The INAF-IA2 proposal to link data to papers 171 Knapic, C.; Martines, F.; Smareglia, R.
RCSEDv2: Processing and analysis of 4+ million galaxy spectra 175 Goradzhanov, V.; Chilingarian, I.; Rubtsov, E.; Katkov, I.; Grishin, K.; Toptun, V.; Kasparova, A.; Klochkov, V.; Borisov, S.
RCSEDv2: the largest database of galaxy properties from a homogeneously processed multi-wavelength dataset 179 Chilingarian, I.; Borisov, S.; Goradzhanov, V.; Grishin, K.; Kasparova, A.; Katkov, I.; Klochkov, V.; Rubtsov, E.; Toptun, V.
PyCPL: Using pybind11 to bring and adapt the C CPL libraries to Python 183 Heng, A.; Horton, A.; Farrell, A.; Lorente, N.; Palsa, R.; Lundin, L.; Sealey, K.
Annotating TAP responses on-the-fly against an IVOA data model 187 Louys, M.; Michel, L.; Bonnarel, F.; Vetter, J.
Onboarding SPACE services to the European Open Science Cloud 191 Sciacca, E.; Kronkos, M.; Bordiu, C.; Bufano, F.; Costa, A.; Riggi, S.; Tudisco, G.; Vitello, F.; Brandt, C.; Rossi, A.; Topa, E.; Vettorello, L.; Mantovani, S.
Remote Visualisation and Previews for ALMA 195 Stoehr, F.; Wang, K.; Moraghan, A.; Manning, A.; del Prado, M.; Aguirre, A.; Plunkett, A.; Lipnicky, A.; Sanhueza, P.; Morita, E.; Teuben, P.
Access to VizieR catalogues of the Solar System 199 Erard, S.; Landais, G.; Chauvin, C.
Yafits - A distributed 2D/3D quick-look viewer 203 Salome, P.; Moreau, N.; Ba, Y.-A.; Caillat, M.
The AGILEScience App to execute gamma-ray scientific analyses from mobile devices 207 Bulgarelli, A.; Parmiggiani, N.; Fioretti, V.; Baroncelli, L.; Addis, A.; Di Piano, A.; Pittori, C.; Tavani, M.
ViaLactea: a distributed Visual Analytic system for exploring our Galactic ecosystem 211 Tudisco, G.; Vitello, F.; Sciacca, E.; Riggi, S.; Molinari, S.; Malikova, E.; Krokos, M.
PolarVis: Towards Web-based Polarimetric Analysis 215 Andati, L. A. L.; Smirnov, O. M.; Makhathini, S.; Sebokolodi, L. M.
New and Improved Software for Data Processing at HartRAO 219 van Zyl, P. V.
Web Accessibility Trends and Implementation in Dynamic Web Applications 223 Hostetler, T. W.; Chen, S.; Blanco-Cuaresma, S.; Accomazzi, A.; Kurtz, M. J.; Grant, C. S.; Henneken, E.; Thompson, D. M.; Chyla, R.; Shapurian, G.; Templeton, M. R.; Lockhart, K. E.; Martinovic, N.; McDonald, S.; Grezes, F.
Rubin Science Platform on Google: the story so far 227 O'Mullane, W.; Economou, F.; Huang, F.; Speck, D.; Chiang, H.; Graham, M. L.; Allbery, R.; Banek, C.; Sick, J.; Thornton, A. J.; Masciarelli, J.; Lim, K.; Mueller, F.; Padolsi, S.; Jenness, T.; Krughoff, K. S.; Gower, M.; Guy, L. P.; Dubois-Felsmann, G. P.
Data Central’s Data Aggregation Service 231 Miszalski, B.; O'Toole, S. J.; Tocknell, J.; Marnoch, L.; Ryder, S. D.
A Tool to Explore Astronomical Databases and Transform Data into Planetarium Formats 235 Soancatl-Aguilar, V.; Mathlener, A.; Roerdink, J. B. T. M.; Valentijn, E. A.; Williams, O. R.
Fast interactive web-based data visualizer of panoramic spectroscopic surveys 239 Katkov, I.; Gasymov, D.; Gelfand, J. D.; Toptun, V.; Grishin, K.; Chilingarian, I.; Kasparova, A.; Klochkov, V.; Rubtsov, E.; Goradzhanov, V.
RCSEDv2: Open-source web tools for visualization of imaging and spectral data 243 Klochkov, V.; Katkov, I.; Chilingarian I.; Grishin, K.; Kasparova, A.; Goradzhanov, V.; Toptun, V.; Rubtsov, E.; Borisov, S.
Grand opening of the European JWST Archive at the ESAC Science Data Centre 247 Arevalo, M.; Espinosa, J.; Marston, A.; Lopez-Caniego, M.; Labiano, A.; Gutierrez, R.; Segovia, J. C.; Wangblad, M.; Norman, H.; Merin, B.; Sirianni, M.; Arviset, C.; Martinez, B.
CASSIS and Aladin interfaced for a VO-compliant spectral data cube analysis tool 251 Glorian, J.; Fernique, P.; Allen, M.; Boch, T.; Boiziot, M.; Bonnarel, F.; Bot, C.; Bottinelli, S.; Caux, E.; Couten, A.; Louys, M.; Oberto, A.; Vastel, C.
PyCPL and PyEsoRex: The ESO Common Pipeline Library in Python 255 Horton, A.; Heng, A.; Farrel, A.; Lorente, N.; Palsa, R.; Lundin, L.; Sealey, K.
TAP and the Data Models 259 Michel, L.; Bonnarel, F.; Louys, M.; Morris, D.
Session V. FAIR standards for astronomical data   
FAIR standards for astronomical data 265 O'Toole, S.; Tocknell, J.
CEFCA Catalogues Portal Towards FAIR Principles 275 Civera, T.
Non-parametric stellar LOSVD analysis 279 Gasymov, D.; Katkov, I.
Optical Variability of "Light-weight" Supermassive Black Holes at a Few Percent Level from ZTF Forced-Photometry Light Curves 283 Demianenko, M.; Grishin, K.; Toptun, V.; Chilingarian, I.; Katkov, I.; Goradzhanov, V.; Kuzmin, I.
The International Virtual Observatory Alliance (IVOA) in 2021 287 Berriman, G. B.; Cui, C.
Localizations of electromagnetic counterparts and gravitational-wave signals: a new Python plug-in for Aladin 291 Bartolomei, A.; Cartechini, E.; Greco, G.; Travasso, F.
Build FAIR workflow for astronomical catalogues 295 Landais, G.; Ocvirk, P.; Allen, M.; Bonnarel, F.; Perret, E.; Vannier, P.; Brouty, M.; Fix, C.; Monari, G.
Interoperable standardisation of the VLKB dataset access services 299 Butora, R.; Molinaro, M.
Using galaxy catalogs to localise gravitational-wave sources: a new Virtual Observatory plug-in to esteem their completeness 303 Cartechini, E.; Bartolomei, A.; Greco, G.; Travasso, F.; Bawaj, M.
Object Oriented Data Model Strategy in the Context of IVOA Table Access Protocol Services 307 Bonnarel, F.; Louys, M.; Michel, L.
Supporting FAIR Principles in the Astrophysics Community: the European Experience 311 Molinaro, M.; Allen, M.; Bonnarel, F.; Genova, F.; Demleitner, M.; Graf, K.; Morris, D.; Solano, E.; Schaaff, A.
FAIR high level data for Cherenkov astronomy 315 Servillat, M.; Boisson, C.; Fuessling, M.; Khelifi, B.
Session VI. Teaching resources for Astroinformatics and Virtual Observatory   
The ESCAPE Data Science Summer School 2021 321 Vuillaume, T.; Hubert, M.; Graf, K.; Rodrigues, E.; Poireau, V.; Pineda, A. S.; Iess, A.; Nothe, M.; Sorbaro, M.; Gal, T.; Ainsworth, R.; Kosack, K.; Garcia, E.; Donath, A.
European Virtual Observatory Schools 325 Jimenez-Esteban, F.; Allen, M.; Amodeo, S.; Cortes-Contreras, M.; Derriere, S.; Heinl, H.; Nebot, A.; Solano, E.
Session VII. Image processing for the public and scientists   
Accelerating the Search of Optimal Radio Interferometric Gain Solution Intervals using Dask-ms and Dask 331 Sob, U. M.
Decomposition of stellar populations in simulated disk galaxies using the TensorFlow/Keras framework 335 Kunsagi-Mate, S.; Csabai, I.
The X-ray Galactic Center: 2 Decades of Chandra Images 339 Wolk, N. R. A.; Arcand, K. K.
Tidying after Cleaning 343 Bester, H. L.; Perkins, S.; Kenyon, J. S.; Smirnov, O. M.
Observing, calibrating and reducing near-infrared imaging mosaics 347 Grishin, K.; Chilingarian, I.
Tackling the issue of image processing via plugins: the example of pyds9plugin 351 Picouet, V.; Picouet, T.
Session VIII. Big data: 5Vs   
A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Anomaly Detection with Astronomaly 359 Lochner, M.; Bassett, B. A.
The Data Acquisition System Assessment to Support the Observation Quality System of the ASTRI Mini-Array Project 369 Conforti, V.; Gianotti, F.; Pastore, V.; Trifoglio, M.; Bulgarelli, A.; Addis, A.; Baroncelli, L.; Capalbi, M.; Fioretti, V.; Parmiggiani, N.; Sangiorgi, P.; Corpora, M.; Catalano, O.
Hybrid minimization algorithm for computationally expensive multi-dimensional fitting 373 Rubtsov, E.; Chlingarian, I.; Katkov, I.; Grishin, K.; Goradzhanov, V.; Borisov, S.
RCSEDv2: analytic approximations of k-corrections for galaxies out to redshift z = 1 377 Kasparova, A.; Chilingarian, I.; Borisov, S.; Goradzhanov, V.; Grishin, K.; Katkov, I.; Klochkov, V.; Rubtsov, E.; Toptun, V.
Fast Approximate Method for Computing Simulated Galaxy Fluxes on Top of Apache Spark 381 Tallada-Crespi, P.; Carretero, J.; Serrano, S.; Castander, F. J.; Cesar, E.; Eriksen, M.; Fosalba, P.; Gaztanaga, E.; Merino, G.; Neissner, C.; Tonello, N.; Torradeflot, F.
Utilizing Open Shading Language and Blender for Data Cube Volume Visualization 385 Kent, B. R.
Taplint, the TAP Service Validator 389 Taylor, M.
Asymmetric distribution of data products from WALLABY, an SKA precursor neutral hydrogen survey 393 Parra-Royon, M.; Austin, S.; Reynolds, T.; Venkataraman, P.; Mendoza, MA.; Sanchez-Exposito, S.; Garrido, J.; Kitaeff, S.; Verdes-Montenegro, L.
A distributed computing infrastructure for LOFAR Italian community 397 Taffoni, G.; Becciani, U.; Bonafede, A.; Bonnassieux, E.; Brunetti, G.; Brienza, M.; Gheller, C.; Russo, S. A.; Vitello, F.
Designing the SKA Regional Centre Network 401 Salgado, J.; Kitaeff, S.; Bolton, R.; Chrysostomou, A.; Swinbank, J.; Vilotte, J.; Goliath, S.; Gaudet, S.; Barbosa, D.; Yates, J.; Ferrari, C.; Beswick, R.; Wadadekar, Y.; Bartolini, M.; Rees, N.
Gaia AVU–GSR parallel solver towards exascale infrastructure 405 Cesare, V.; Becciani, U.; Vecchiato, A.; Lattanzi, M. G.; Pitari, F.; Raciti, M.; Tudisco, G.; Aldinucci, M.; Bucciarelli, B.
Artificial Intelligence for Automatic Identification of Spectral Lines 409 Boulanger, A.; Caux, E.; de Saint-Cyr, F. D.
QuartiCal - embarrassingly parallel calibration using Numba and Dask 413 Kenyon, J.; Perkins, S.; Smirnov, O.
RCSEDv2: homogenization of multi-wavelength photometric data. 417 Toptun, V.; Chilingarian, I.; Katkov, I.; Grishin, K.; Kasparova, A.; Borisov, S.; Rubtsov, E.; Goradzhanov, V.; Klochkov, V.
Session IX. Citizen science in astronomy   
GALAXY CRUISE Engages Citizen Astronomers to Explore Galaxies 423 Usuda-Sato, K.; Tanaka, M.; Koike, M.; Shibata, J.; Naito, S.; Yamaoka, H.
Session X. Other   
The BIAS (Back-end Independent Acquisition Subsystem) to upgrade the CIWS framework. 433 Pastore, V.; Conforti, V.; Gianotti, F.; Trifoglio M.
Astronomical data organization, management and access in Scientific Data Lakes 437 Grange, Y. G.; Pandey, V. N.; Espinal, X.; Di Maria, R.; Millar, A. P.
Using script generators for pipeline prototyping 441 Petry, D.
Visfit: a Julia programming language package for fitting radio interferometry visibility data 445 Barrett, P. E.
The prototype of the information system Parent Galaxies of Radio Sources 449 Zhelenkova, O.
Exposing astronomical data with VOSSIA 2.0: a modular and customizable VO-compliant multi-protocol interface 453 Calabria, N. F.; Butora, R.; Knapic, C.; Molinaro, M.; Smareglia, R.; Vicinanza, M.; Zorba, S.
Starlink: the 2021A release 457 Bell, G. S.; Berry, D. S.; Graves, S. F.; Currie, M. J.; Draper, P. W.
Bulirsch-Stoer Instability in ORSA with Java Plotly Visualisation 461 Stenborg, T. N.
MOCLibRust, a common library for MOCPy, MOCCli and MOCWasm 465 Pineau, F. -X.; Baumann, M.; Allen, M.; Boch, T.; Fernique, P.; Greco, G.; Nebot, A.
SciCodes: Astronomy Research Software and Beyond 469 Allen, A.
ADASS XXXI: Hybrid Conferencing in the Time of Pandemic 473 Hugo, B. V.; Smirnov, O. M.; van Rooyen, R.; Odman-Govender, C.; Taylor, R.; Walker, N.; Ramaila, A. J. T.; Deane, R.; Vaccari, M.
Back Matter   
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