Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
200 Properties of High-Redshift Galaxies as Seen Through Lensing Clusters 309 Pelló, R.; Kneib, J.-P.; Le Borgne, J.-F.; Fort, B.; Mellier, Y.; Bolzonella, M.; Campusano, L.; Dantel-Fort, M.; Miralles, J.-M.
200 Clustering in the REFLEX Cluster Survey 349 Guzzo, L.; Collins, C.; Schueker, P.; Böhringer, H.; Neumann, D. M.; Schindler, S.; De Grandi, S.; Chincarini, G.; ; Cruddace, R.; Edge, A. C.; Shaver, P. A.; Voges, W.
200 Simulations Applied to the Bright SHARC XCLF: Results and Implications 354 Ulmer, M.; Adami, C.; Pildis, R.; Romer, A. K.; Nichol, R. C.; ; Holden, B.
213 Copper-Adenine Complex Catalyst for O2 Production from 319 Vergne, Jacques; Bruston, F.; Calvayrac, R.; Grajcar, L.; Baron, M.-H.; Maurel, M.-C.
214 ISO Observations of Be Stars 145 Waters, L. B. F. M.; Trams, N. R.; Hony, S.; de Koter, A.; Morris, P. W.; Zaal, P. A.; Marlborough, J. M.; Millar, C. E.; Vandenbussche, B.
217 Spectral Line On-The-Fly Mapping at the SMTO 203 Muders, D.; Peters, W. L.; Butner, H. M.; Gensheimer, P. D.; Wilson, T. L.; Uchida, K. I.; Kramer, C.; Tieftrunk, A. R.
232 Saving Astronomical Treasures. 265 Brosch, N.; Hudec, Rene; Kroll, Peter; Tsvetkov, Milcho
233 eta Carinae: physical information from photometry 59 van Genderen, A. M.; de Groot, M.; Sterken, C.
290 Profile Variations ov the Hβ and Hα broad emission lines in NGC 5548 253 Shapovalova, A. I.; Burenkov, A. N.; Borisov, N.; Vlasuyk, V. V.; Bochkarev, N. G.; Doroshenko, V. T.; Carrasco, L.; Chavushyan, V. H.; Valdes, J. R.; Collin, S.; Dumont, A.-M.
290 The Micro-Arcsecond Scintillation-Induced Variability (MASIV) VLA Survey 347 Lovell, J. E. J.; Jauncey, D. L.; Tzioumis, A. K.; Bignall, H. E.; Kedziora-Chudczer, L.; Macquart, J.-P.; Rickett, B. J.
374 The Ages of EarlyType Galaxies at z ∼ 1 449 di Serego Alighieri, S.; Bressan, A.; Pozzetti L.
379 How Heredity and Environment Shape Galaxy Properties 257 De Lucia, G.
404 Young Stellar Population in the Lupus 3 Molecular Cloud 20 Jhang, Y.T.; Chen, W.P.; Hsiao, W.S.; Huang F.Y.; Kao C.H.
404 Towards a Complete Census of Young Stars in the Solar Neighbourhood 15 Murphy S.J.; Bessell M.S.
404 A Multiwavelength Approach to the Star Formation in the Orion's Head Complex 9 Barrado y Navascués; Morales-Calderón, M.; Bayo, A.; Huélamo, N.; Bouy, H.; Stelzer B.; Stauffer J.R.
404 Near Infrared Polarimetric Imaging of the Giant HII region NGC3576cation 27 Shih, Y.H.; Chen, W.P.; Hsiao, W.S.; Tamura M.
404 OH MERLIN Observations Towards the Star Forming Region S140-IRS1 33 Asanok, K.; Etoka, S.; Gray, M.; Thomasson, P.; Richards,A.M.S.; Hutawarakorn Kramer B.
404 What Causes the Abundance Gradient and its Evolution along the Galaxy Disk? 36 Hou, J.L.; Fu, J.; Chang, R.X.; Yin, J.; Chen L.
404 Star Formation in the Nearby Galaxy Cluster Abell 1367 39 W. Kraiwattanawong, W.; James, P.A.; Moss, C.; Carter D.
404 Dwarf Nova Oscillations in VW Hydri 45 Warner B.; Woudt P.A.
404 Nova V1280 Sco 2007 50 Kuncarayakti, H.; Kristyowati, D.; Kunjaya C.
404 Spectroscopic Observations of WZ Sge-type Dwarf Novae, GW Lib and V455 And in Superoutburst 52 Nogami, D.; Hiroi, K.; Suzuki, Y.; Moritani, Y.; Soejima, Y.; Imada,A.
404 New Aspects of WZ Sge-Type Dwarf Novae through Simultaneous Optical-Infrared Observations during Superoutbursts 64 Uemura, M.; Arai, A.; Matsui, R.; Sasada, M.; Ohsugi, T.; Yamashita, T.; Kawabata, K.S.; Sato, S.; Kino, M.; Yoshida, M.; Kawai N.
404 The Long Period Recurrent Nova RS Oph 72 Voloshina I.; Metlov V.
404 The X-ray Spectra of the Shock Systems in RS Oph 77 Ness, J.U.; Starrfieldalse, S.
404 O VI Raman Scattering and the Accretion Disk Emission in the Symbiotic Novae V1016 Cygni and HM Sagittae 82 Lee, H.-W.
404 Gamow-Teller Strength Distributions for pf-shell Nuclei and its Implications in Astrophysics 96 Rahman, M.U.; Nabi J.U.
404 Neutrino and Electron-positron Pair Emission from Phase-induced Collapse of Neutron Stars 105 Cheng, K.S.; Lin, L.-M.; Tian X.L.
404 Phase-Resolved Cyclotron Spectroscopy of MQ Draconis 112 Campbell R.K.; Harrison T.E.
404 Broadband SED, and Radio/X-ray Correlation of Accreting Stellar Black Hole Systems 116 Wu, X.B.; Xue, Y.; Cui W.
404 Jets and Environment of Microquasars 123 Zhang S.N.; Hao J.F.
404 Partially Screened Polar Gap in Pulsars 131 Melikidze, G.; Gile, J.
404 Astrophysical Implications of the Hadron-quark Phase Transition in Neutron Stars 137 Harko, T.
404 Time Lag in the X-ray Dust Scattering Halo of Cyg X-1 144 Zhang, S.N.; Ling, Z.; Xiang, J.; Tang S.
404 X-ray Millisecond Pulsar Populations in Globular Clusters 149 Hui, C.Y.; Huang, H.H.; Cheng, K.S.; Taam, R.E.; Becker W.
404 High Energy Emission from Young Pulsars 161 Cheng, K.S.
404 Exploring the X-ray Emission Nature of Supernova Remnant G67.7+1.8 and the Associated Compact Objects 164 Hui, C.Y.; Beckere, W.
404 The Formation, Evolution and Parameters of Short-period Low-mass X-ray Binaries and Black-hole Components 171 Yungelson, L.R.; Lasota, J.P.
404 Absolute Dimensions of Four Eclipsing Binaries 178 Surina, F.; Kang, Y.W.
404 New Method of Light Curve Analyses of Eclipsing Binaries in the Small Magellan Cloud 184 Kang, Y.W.; Surina, F.; Lee J.J.
404 Photometric Study of Near Contact Binaries 189 Zhu, L.; Qiange, S.B.
404 The Observation and Study of Shallow-contact Binary Systems 194 He, J.J; Qian, S.B.
404 Analysis of the W UMa-type Eclipsing Binary V752 Centauri 199 Schumacher, H.
404 RZ Cas, KO Aql and S Equ: a Piece of Cake of Case A RLOF? 204 De Greve, J.P.; Mennekens, N.; Van Rensbergen, W.; Yungelson L.
404 The Difference Between Metal-poor and Metal-rich Binaries 209 Abt, H.A.
404 X-ray Statistics of WR Colliding-Wind Binaries 212 Kogure, T.
404 High-precision Orbits of Southern Single-lined Spectroscopic Binaries 215 Komonjinda, S.; Hearnshaw, J.B.; Ramm D.J.
404 Rapid Mass Transfer Can Drive Mass Out of a Binary 218 Van Rensbergen, W.; De Greve, J.P.; Mennekens, N.; De Loore C.
404 The Accreting, Pulsating White Dwarfs in Cataclysmic Variables 229 Szkody, P.; Mukadam, A.S.; Gäansicke, B.T.; Henden, A.; Nitta,A.; Sion, E.M.; Townsley, D.
404 What’s Cool About Hot Stars? Cataclysmic Variables in the Mid-Infrared 234 Hoard, D.W.; Kafka, S.; Wachter, S.; Howell, S.; Brinkworth, C.; Ciardi, D.
404 The Thermal Evolution of Mass Losing Donors in AM CVn Binary Systems 241 Taam, R.E.; Deloye, C.J.; Sengupta S.
404 Orbital Period Investigation of Some Eclipsing CVs and pre-CVs 248 Qian, S.B.; Soonthornthum, B.; Dai, Z.B.; Zhu, L.Y.; He,J.J.; Liao, W.P.; Li L.J.
404 Mass Loss From Low and Intermediate Mass Stars 255 Wood, P.R.
404 Non-Linear Cepheid Period-Luminosity Relation and the Interaction of Stellar Photosphere with Hydrogen Ionization Front 262 Ngeow, C.; Kanburi, S.M.
404 A Photometric Analysis of R Coronae Borealis Stars in the Magellanic Clouds 267 Woollands, R.M.; Cottrell, P.L.
404 1RXS J0629-0335: A New Long-period Cataclysmic Variable 272 Arjyotha, S.; Aungwerojwit, A.; Gänsicke, B.T.; Marsh, T.R.; Rodríguez-Gil P.
404 On the Orbital Period Distribution of Cataclysmic Variables from Hamburg Quasar Survey 276 Aungwerojwit, A.; Gänsicke, B.T.
404 3 - D Simulation of Penetrative Convection with Rotation 283 Singh, H.P.; Pal, P.S.; Srivastava, M.P.; Chan K.L.
404 Search for Substellar Objects Around Young and Nearby Stars: The SACY Sample 286 Hué lamo, N.; Barrado y Navascué s, D.; Bouy, H.; Torres, C.A.O.; Quast, G.; Melo, C.H.F.; Sterzik, M.F.; Chauvin G.
404 Transits of Extra-solar Planets with Eccentric Orbit 291 Giménez, A.
404 A Look at the ALMA Science Archive 324 Etoka, S.; Fuller, G.A.; Wicenec, A.; Williams, S.J.; Meuss, H.; Hill N.
404 Spectral Lines Profiles of Be Star: Beta Lyrae 297 Ahmad, N.; Zainuddin, Mohd. Z.; Yahya, Mohd. S.
404 Near-Infrared Excess of Classical Be Stars 302 Lee, C.D.; Chen, W.P.
404 Oscillating Red Giants in the CoRoT Exo-field: An Asteroseismic Radius, and Mass Determination 307 Kallinger, T.; Weiss, W.W.; DeRidder, J.; Hekker, S.; Barban,C.
404 The Geometrical, and Magnetic Structure of the Proto-Planetary Nebula OH 231.8+4.2 Traced by OH Maser Emission 311 Etoka, S.; Zijlstra, A.; Richards, A.M.; Matsuura, M.; Lagadec E.
404 Optical Spectroscopy of the Post-AGB Star HD 89353 316 Mohamad-Yob, S.J.; Gopir, G.K.; Malasan, H.L.; Anwar R.
404 Discovery of a Disrupted IR Ring Around IRAS 19193+1443 320 McCollum, B.
404 Solar Model Using the Exact Tunnelling Probability in the Thermonuclear Reaction Rates 327 Aziz, A.A.; Yusof, N.; Kassim H.A.
404 Canopus Angular Diameter Revisited by the AMBER Instrument of the VLT Interferometer 330 Bendjoya, P.; Domiciano de Souza, A.; Vakili, F.; Millour, F.; Petrov R.
404 A Monte Carlo Study of the Effects of Collisional De-excitation on the Resonance Doublet Flux Ratios in Symbiotic Stars 334 Kang E.H.; Lee H.W.
404 An Emission Line Analysis of MASH Galactic PNe 337 Kovacevic, A.; Parker, Q.
404 Galactic Open Clusters and the LOCS Project 343 Chen, L.; Houage, J.L.
404 BRITE-Constellation: Science Camera Performance Simulation 350 Kaiser, A.; Mochnacki, S.; Moffat, A.; Weiss W.W.
404 SkyMapper and the Southern Sky Survey: A Valuable Resource for Stellar Astrophysics 356 Murphy, S.; Keller, S.; Schmidt, B.; Tisserand, P.; Bessell, M.; Francis, P.; Da Costa G.
404 The EBAI Project: Neural Network/Artificial Intelligence Approaches to Solve Automatically Large Numbers of Light Curves of Eclipsing Binaries 361 Guinan, E.F.; Prša, A.; Devinney, E.J.; Engle S.G.
404 MERLIN Polarimetry of OH Masers in Post-AGB Stars 368 Bains, I.; Richards, A.M.S.; Szymczak M.
407 Deep Wide-Field GMRT Surveys at 610 MHz 22 Green, D.A.; Garn, T.S.
407 325-MHz Observations of the ELAIS-N1 Field 27 Sirothia, S.K.; Dennefeld, M.; Saikia, D.J.; Dole, H.; Ricquebourg, F.; Roland, J.
407 Exploring Weak Magnetic Fields with LOFAR and SKA 33 Arshakian, T.G.; Beck, R.
407 Searching for Ionized Bubbles in 21-cm Maps 39 Datta, K.K.; Majumdar, S.; Bharadwaj, S.; Choudhury, T. Roy
407 A Program to Search for Ultra-Steep Spectrum Radio Sources with the GMRT 43 Ishwara-Chandra, C.H.; Sirothia, S.K.; Pal, S.; Wadadekar, Y.
407 Observations at 325 MHz of the WMAP Cold Spot 51 Sirothia, S.K.; Swarup, G.; Shukla, H.
407 21-cm Absorbers at Intermediate Redshifts 67 Gupta, N.; Srianand, R.; Petitjean, P.; Noterdaeme, P.; Saikia, D.J.
407 OH MM/ULIRGs at High Redshifts: What Can They Tell Us ? 73 Baan, W.A.
407 Origin of Disk Lopsidedness in Spiral Galaxies 79 Angiras, R.A.; Jog, C.J.; Dwarakanath, K.S.; Omar, A.; Verheijen, M.A.W.
407 Probing Turbulence in the Interstellar Medium of Galaxies 83 Dutta, P.; Begum, A.; Bharadwaj, S.; Chengalur, J.N.
407 An Overview of The HΙ Nearby Galaxy Survey (THINGS) 88 de Blok, W.J.G.; Walter, F.; Brinks, E.; Bigiel, F.; Bagetakos, I.; Leroy, A.; Oh, S.-H.; Portas, A.; Rich, J.W.; Tamburro, D.; Trachternach, C.; Usero, A.; Zwaan, M.
407 High Resolution HI Observations of the Very Metal-Poor System SBS 0335–052 95 Ekta, B.; Chengalur, J.N.; Pustilnik, S.
407 A Multiwavelength Study of a Young, Z-shaped, FR I Radio Galaxy NGC 3801 104 Hota, A.; Lim, J.; Ohyama, Y.; Saikia, D.J.; Dinh-V-Trung; Croston, J.H.
407 Gas and Star Formation in Extremely Faint Dwarf Galaxies 106 Roychowdhury, S.; Chengalur, J.N.; Begum, A.; Karachentsev, I.D.
407 Radio Continuum and HI Study of Optically Selected Blue Compact Dwarf Galaxies: Mrk 1039 and Mrk 0104 114 Ramya, S.; Kantharia, N.G.; Prabhu, T.P.
407 Radio Galaxy Physics at Low Frequencies: Lobes, Jets and Environments 121 Hardcastle, M.J.
407 Radio Galaxies as Probes of the Large-Scale External Medium 131 Saripalli, L.
407 A Multifrequency Study of Double-Double Radio Galaxies 137 Jamrozy, M.; Konar, C.; Saikia, D.J.; Machalski, J.
407 Low-Frequency Results for the Radio Galaxies and the Role of GMRT 157 Lal, D.V.
407 Radio Emission from AGN in Giant LSB Galaxies 167 Das, M.; Kantharia, N.G.; Vogel, S.N.; McGaugh, S.S.
407 Low Frequency Radio Emission from Seyfert Galaxies 173 Singh, V.; Shastri, P.; Athreya, R.
407 Prolonged Intranight Optical Quiescence of the Classical BL Lac Object PKS 0735+178 176 Goyal, A.; Gopal-Krishna; Anupama, G.C.; Sahu, D.K.; Sagar, R.; Britzen, S.; Karazous, M.; Aller, M.F.; Aller, H.D.
407 Equipartition, Minimum Energy Density and Maximum Brightness Temperature of a Synchrotron Source 180 Singal, A.K.
407 Possible Relic Lobes in Giant Radio Sources 184 Godambe, S.; Konar, C.; Saikia, D.J.; Wiita, P.J.
407 Spectral Ages of Giant Radio Sources 188 Konar, C.; Saikia, D.J.; Jamrozy, M.; Machalski, J.
407 A Radio and X-ray Study of 3CR457 and its Environment 192 Konar, C.; Hardcastle, M.J.; Croston, J.H.; Saikia, D.J.
407 Dynamical Age vs Spectral Age of the Lobes of Selected Giant Radio Sources (GRGs) 196 Machalski, J.; Jamrozy, M.; Saikia, D.J.
407 A Giant Radio Jet of Very Unusual Polarization in a Single-Lobed Radio Galaxy 200 Bagchi, J.; Gopal-Krishna; Krause, M.; Konar, C.; Joshi, S.
407 A GMRT Search for Relic Radio Emission 204 Sirothia, S.K.; Saikia, D.J.; Ishwara-Chandra, C.H.; Kantharia, N.G.
407 Radio Continuum Studies of Wolf-Rayet Galaxies 212 Srivastava, S.; Kantharia, N.G.; Srivastava, D.C.; Mishra, A.; Srivastava, A.K.; Ananthakrishnan, S.
407 Radio Continuum Studies of Halos of Edge-on Disk Galaxies 216 Srivastava, A.K.; Kantharia, N.G.; Srivastava, D.C.; Ananthakrishnan, S.; Kodilkar, J.; Redij, A.; Dhanya, Srivastava, S.; Mishra, A.
407 The GMRT Radio Halo Survey and Low Frequency Follow–up 232 Venturi, T.; Giacintucci, S.; Cassano, R.; Brunetti, G.; Dallacasa, D.; Macario, G.; Setti, G.; Bardelli, S.; Athreya, R.
407 Polarization In and Around the Galaxy Cluster Abell 2255 241 Pizzo, R.F.; de Bruyn, A.G.; Brentjens, M.A.
407 AGN Feedback in Groups and Clusters of Galaxies 246 Raychaudhury, S.; Giacintucci, S.; O’Sullivan, E.; Vrtilek, J.; Croston, J.; Athreya, R.; David, L.; Venturi, T.
407 Diffuse Bubble-Like Radio-Halo Emission in MRC 0116+111: Imprint of AGN Feedback in a Distant Cluster of Galaxies 255 Bagchi, J.; Jacob, J.; Gopal-Krishna, Wadnerkar, N.; Belapure, J.; Werner, N.; Kumbharkhane, A.C.
407 Nature of Meterwave Luminous Objects and Search for Electron-Cyclotron Maser Emission 260 Deguchi, S.; Koike, K.; Balasubramanyam, R.
407 Turbulence in Cold Neutral ISM and in Supernova Remnants 272 Roy, N.; Chengalur, J.N.; Bharadwaj, S.; Dutta, P.
407 Multifrequency Observation of Cygnus X–3 at the Time of Giant Flare in 2006 May-June 277 Pal, S.; Ishwara-Chandra, C.H.; Rao, A.P.
407 The Galactic ALFA Continuum Transit Survey: GALFACTS 282 Guram, S.S.; Taylor, A.R.
407 Glitches from the Young Pulsar J1833-1034 299 Roy, J.; Gupta, Y.; Lewandowski, W.
407 Peculiar Nulling in PSR J1738−2330 304 Gajjar, V.; Joshi, B.C.; Kramer, M.
407 Wide Profile Drifting Pulsars: An Elegant way to Probe Pulsar Magnetospheres 313 Bhattacharyya, B.; Gupta, Y.; Gil, J.
407 Understanding Pulsar Emission Profiles from Geometry and Rotation Effects 323 Thomas, R.M.C.; Gupta, Y.; Gangadhara, R.T.
407 Pulsar Profiles and Aberration–Retardation Effects 337 Krzeszowski, K.; Mitra, D.; Gupta, Y.; Kijak, J.; Gil, J.; Acharyya, A.
407 Turn-Over in Pulsar Radio Spectra 341 Kijak, J.; Lewandowski, W.; Gupta, Y.
407 Simultaneous Multi-frequency GMRT Observations of Millisecond Pulsars 345 Joshi, B.C.; Kramer, M.
407 GMRT Observations of H.E.S.S. Sources 349 Osborne, J.L.; Pandey-Pommier, M.; Udaya Shankar, N.
407 GMRT Observations of Jupiter’s Synchrotron Radio Emission at 610 MHz 369 Bhardwaj, A.; Ishwara-Chandra, C.H.; Udaya Shankar, N.; Misawa, H.; Imai, K.; Miyoshi, Y.; Tsuchiya, F.; Kondo, T.; Morioka, A.
407 Calibrating LOFAR using the Black Board Selfcal System 384 Pandey, V.N.; van Zwieten, J.E.; de Bruyn, A.G.; Nijboer, R.
407 A 50 MHz System for GMRT 393 Udaya Shankar, N.; Dwarakanath, K.S.; Amiri, S.; Somashekar, R.; Girish,B.S.; Laus, W.; Nayak, A.
407 Model-Driven Development of Control System Software 402 Roy Chaudhuri, S.; Ahuja, A.L.; Natarajan, S.; Vin, H.
407 A Minimum Variance Method for Problems in Radio Antenna Placement 411 Panduranga Rao, M.V.; Ahuja, A.L.; Iyengar, S.; Iyer, K.; Khade, R.; Lodha, S.; Mehta, D.; Nagy, B.
407 Homography-Based Correction of Positional Errors in MRT Survey 426 Nayak, A.; Daiboo, S.; Udaya Shankar, N.
407 Multi-Band Feeds: A Design Study 430 Maan, Y.; Amiri, S.; Raja, W.; Mehta, N.
407 12 GHz Radio-Holographic Surface Measurement of the RRI 10.4m Telescope 434 Balasubramanyam, R.; Venkatesh, S.; Raju, S.B.
408 Volume 408 Front Matter 1 Wang, Weimin; Yang, Zhaoqing; Luo, Zhijian; Chen, Zhu
408 Volume 408 Cover 0 Wang, Weimin; Yang, Zhaoqing; Luo, Zhijian; Chen, Zhu
408 Volume 408 Conference Photo 2 Wang, Weimin; Yang, Zhaoqing; Luo, Zhijian; Chen, Zhu
408 Conference Photographs 999 Wang, Weimin; Yang, Zhaoqing; Luo, Zhijian; Chen, Zhu
408 Luminous Infrared Galaxies and the “Starburst-AGN Connection” 3 Sanders, D.B.; Kartaltepe, J.S.; Kewley, L.J.; Vivian, U.; Yuan, T.; Evans, A.S.; Armus, L.; Mazzarella,J.M.
408 The Multi-Wavelength Study on LIRGs and ULIRGs 15 Xia, X.Y.
408 Subaru Deep Imaging of Interacting Galaxies 22 Koda, J.; Subaru COSMOS Team
408 Molecular Gas in Nearby Elliptical Radio Galaxies 29 Ocaña Flaquer, B.; Leon, S.; Lim, L.; Dinh-V-Trung, Combes, F.
408 Molecular Gas in the Host Galaxies of z < 0.3 Palomar Green Quasi-Stellar Objects 35 Evans, A.S.
408 Luminous Buried AGNs in Nearby ULIRGs 41 Imanishi, M.
408 Silicate Emission, Hydrocarbon Absorption, and CO Nondetections in Type 2 AGN 47 Mason, R.E.; Geballe, T.; Levenson, N.A.; Shi, Y.; Packham, C.; Gorjian, V.; Rodriguez-Ardila, A.; Cleary, K.; Axon, D.; Rhee, J.; Werner,M.
408 A Large Population of Optically Unidentified AGNs in Dust-Obscured Starburst Galaxies 59 Goulding, A.D.; Alexander, D.M.
408 Sequential Star Formation Across the Overlap Regions of the Antennae Galaxies (Arp 244) 62 Zhang, H.X.; Gao, Y.; Kong, X.
408 The Isophote Shape of ULIRGs 66 He, Y.Q.; Xia, X.Y.
408 Chandra Archive Study of (U)LIRGs with Double Nucleus: Binary AGN? 69 Wang, J.; Gao, Y.
408 Star Formation Analysis in Active Galactic Nuclei, Starburst, Ultraluminous Infrared, and Quasar Objects 72 Higuera-G, M.-A.; Rodríguez-Ardila, A.; Tejeiro, J.M.
408 Is the Gas and Dust Mass Over-Estimated in the Starburst Galaxy NGC3310? 76 Zhu, M.; Papadopoulos, P.P.; Xilouris, M.; Kuno, N.; Lisenfeld, U.
408 Estimating the H I Mass in SDSS Galaxies 80 Zhang, W.
408 The Origin and Physical Mechanism of the Ensemble Baldwin Effect 83 Dong, X.; Wang, J.; Wang, T.; Wang, H.; Fan, X.; Zhou, H.; Yuan,W.; Long, Q.
408 CO Line SEDs in Local Luminous Infrared Galaxies 86 Ao, Y.; Weiß, A.; Walter, F.; Güsten, R.; Henkel, C.; Menten, K.M.
408 Correlations between MIR, and Other Luminosities for SWIRE Galaxies 89 Zhu, Y.-N.; Wu, H.; Cao, C.; Li, H.-N.
408 Starbursts and AGN in Luminous Infrared Galaxies 105 Armus, L.
408 Radiation Pressure Supported Starburst Galaxies and The Fueling of Active Galactic Nuclei 128 Thompson, T.A.
408 Observational Evidence of Star-Formation Modulated AGN Activity 138 Wang, J.; Wei, J.Y.
408 Feedback of AGN and SB Activity: Gas Chemistry and Excitation Conditions in the Centers of Nearby Active Galaxies 142 Krips, M.; Martin, S.; Neri, R.; García-Burillo, S.; Combes, F.; Petitpas, G.; Fuente, A.; Usero, A.
408 Co-Evolution Model of AGNs and Nuclear Starbursts 148 Kawakatu, N.; Wada, K.
408 Investigating AGN Feedback with Integral Field Spectroscopy 154 Fernandes, C.A.C.; Jarvis, M.J.; Rawlings, S.
408 Coeval Starburst and AGN Activity in the CDFS 160 Brusa, M.; Fiore, F.
408 Star Formation Property and AGN Activity of Barred Galaxies 166 Cao, C.; Zhou, Z.; Wu, H.
408 Distinguishing between AGN and Star-Forming Galaxies in ATLAS 169 Randall, K.E.; Hopkins, A.M.; Norris, R.P.; Mao, M.Y.
408 Quasar Metal Abundance and FIR Luminosity 173 Simon, L.E.; Hamann, F.
408 Star-Powered LINERs in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey 176 Asari, N.V.; Stasinska, G.; Fernandes, R. Cid; Gomes, J.M.; Schlickmann, M.; Mateus, A.; Schoenell, W.; Sodré L. Jr.; the SEAGal Collaboration
408 Molecular Gas in Ultra-Luminous Infrared QSOs 179 Tan, Q.; Gao, Y.; Xia, X.Y.
408 The Near-Infrared Stellar Populations of Seyfert Galaxies: A First Approach 182 Riffel, R.; Pastoriza, M.G.; Rodríguez-Ardila, A.; Bonatto, C.
408 HST and Spitzer View of Post-Starburst Quasars 185 Shang, Z.; Brotherton, M.; Ganguly, R.; Cales, S.; Strom, A.
408 What Powers the 12 μm Luminosities in AGNs: Spitzer/IRS Spectroscopic Study of the 12 μm Seyfert Sample 191 Wu, Y.; Huang, J.; Charmandaris, V.
408 Spitzer Spectra of Seyfert Galaxies 197 Spinoglio, L.; Tommasin, S.; Malkan, M.A.; Hainline, K.
408 Detection of Hidden Starburst in Active Galactic Nuclei by Means of Near-Infrared Spectroscopy 203 Rodríguez-Ardila, A.; Riffel, R.; Pastoriza, M.G.; Maraston, C.; Carvalho, E.A.
408 Aromatic Features in AGNs: Star-Forming Infrared Luminosity Function of AGN Host Galaxies 209 Shi, Y.; Ogle, P.; Rieke, G.H.; Antonucci, R.; Hines, D.C.; Smith, P.S.; Low, F.J.; Bouwman, J.; Willmer, C.
408 Improving Photometric Redshifts Using Different Photometric Parameters 215 Wang, T.; Gu, Q.-S.; Huang, J.-S.
408 Study the ULIRGs Evolutionary Scenario through IRAS F13308+5946 218 Meng, X.-M.; Wu, H.; Wang, J.; Cao, C.
408 The Properties of Isolated Merging Pairs Selected from the DR2 of the SDSS 221 Luo, Z.J.; Allam, A.S.; Tucker, D.L.; Chen, J.Z.; Shu, C.G.
408 Infrared Identification of AGN in Context 227 Rieke, G.H.; Donley, J.L.
408 Star Formation and Interstellar Medium in the Most Distant AGNs 235 Maiolino, R.
408 SB and AGNs in the HDF-N and HFF: Deep, Global VLBI Observations 242 Chi, S.; Garrett, M.A.; Barthel, P.D.
408 Optically-Passive Spirals: the Missing Link in Gradual Star Formation Suppression upon Cluster Infall 248 Wolf, C.; Aragón-Salamanca, A.; Balogh, M.; Barden, M.; Bell, E.F.; Gray, M.E.; Peng, C.Y.; Bacon, D.; Barazza, F.D.; Böhm, A.; Caldwell, J.A.R.; Gallazzi, A.; Häußler, B.; Heymans, C.; Jahnke, K.; Jogee, S.; van Kampen, E.; Lane, K.; McIntosh, D.H.; Meisenheimer, K.; Papovich, C.; Sánchez, S.F.; Taylor, A.; Wisotzki, L.; Zheng, X.
408 Three Dimensional Line Transfer Study of Energy Sources in Compact Molecular Gas in Active Galaxies — AGN/Starburst Connection — 254 Yamada, M., Wada, K.; Tomisaka, K.
408 Variability-Selected Low Luminosity AGNs in the SA57 and in the CDFS 260 Vagnetti, F.; Boutsia, K.; Trevese, D.
408 Ten Years Optical Photometry of TeV BL Lacertae Objects 266 Kurtanidze, O.M.; Tetradze, S.D.; Richter, G.M.; Nikolashvili, M.G.; Kimeridze, G.N.; Sigua, L.A.
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410 Volume 410 Front Matter 1 Osborn, Wayne; Robbins, Lee
410 Volume 410 Cover 0 Osborn, Wayne; Robbins, Lee
410 Introduction to Preserving Astronomy’s Photographic Legacy 3 Osborn, W.; Robbins, L.
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410 Appendix B. Distribution List for the Census of Astronomical Plates 174 Osborn, Wayne; Robbins, Lee
410 Appendix C. Brief Descriptions of North American Plate Collections 185 Osborn, Wayne; Robbins, Lee
410 Appendix D. Recently Published Research Papers that Utilized Plates 196 Osborn, Wayne; Robbins, Lee
410 Appendix E. Glossary of Acronyms 200 Osborn, Wayne; Robbins, Lee
410 Volume 410 Back Matter 203 Osborn, Wayne; Robbins, Lee
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415 Structure and Dynamics of Sunspots (Keynote) 339 Tritschler, A.
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415 Magnetic Structure of Umbral Dots with SOT SP 378 Watanabe, H.; Kitai, R.; Ichimoto, K.; Katsukawa, Y.
415 An Erupting Filament and Associated CME Observed by Hinode, STEREO, and SOHO 385 Bemporad, A.; Del Zanna, G.; Andretta, V.; Magrí , M.; Poletto, G.; Ko, Y.-K.
415 Study of Quiet Sun Through the Solar Atmosphere: From the Chromosphere Up to Coronal Layers 389 Abbo, L.; Gabriel, A.; Harra, L.
415 More of the Inconvenient Truth About Coronal Dimmings 393 McIntosh, S. W.; Burkepile, J.; Leamon, R. J.
415 Recent Progress and Future Directions for Helioseismology 399 Kosovichev, A.; Zhao, J.; Sekii, T.; Nagashima, K.; Mitra-Kraev, U.
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415 Subsurface Structures and Flow Fields of an Active Region Observed by Hinode 411 Zhao, J.; Kosovichev, A. G.; Sekii, T.
415 Travel-Time Analyses of an Emerging-Flux Region 417 Nagashima, K.; Sekii, T.; Kosovichev, A. G.; Zhao, J.; Tarbell,T. D.
415 Comparing the Hinode and SOHO/MDI Data to the Simulated Large Scale Solar Convection 421 Georgobiani, D.; Zhao, J.; Kosovichev, A.; Benson, D.; Stein, R. F.; Nordlund Å .
415 Flare Physics in the Hinode Era (Keynote) 427 McKenzie, D. E.
415 Can a Single Reconnecting Current Sheet Model of a CME or a Flare Accelerate the Required Electron Fluxes Needed to Explain Non-Thermal X-ray Events Accompanying These Events? 435 Spicer, D. S.; Bingham, R.
415 Saturation of Magnetic Helicity as an Indicator of the Possible Occurrence of a Solar Flare 439 Magara, T.
415 DEM Temperature Analysis of Post-Flare Loops Using Hinode’s X-Ray Telescope 443 Reeves, K. K.; Weber, M. A.
415 Spontaneous Current Sheet Formation and Break-Up of Magnetic Flux Surfaces 451 Bhattacharyya, R.; Low, B. C.; Smolarkiewicz, P. K.
415 Detecting and Measuring Reconnection Outflows in the Hinode Era 455 Savage, S. L.; McKenzie, D. E.
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456 The Frequency of Heating in Active Region Cores: Results from the Fifth Coronal Loops Workshop 103 Winebarger, A. R.
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478 Other Papers Presented at the Workshop 409
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481 Observational Asteroseismology of Hot Subdwarf Stars with the Mont4K/Kuiper Combination at the Steward Observatory Mount Bigelow Station 19 Fontaine, G.; Green, E.; Charpinet, S.; Latour, M.; Randall, S.; Van Grootel, V.; Brassard, P.
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484 A New Hybrid Method 8 Burrows, R. H.; Ao, X.; Zank, G. P.
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485 Employing the Technology of Virtual Observatory as the Fundamental Framework for the CCD Photometry Survey 305 Škoda, P.; Hroch, F.; Nádvorník, J.; Mikhailova, D.
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491 Chemical Abundances in the Galactic Bulge 118 Zoccali, M.
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499 A Measurement of the Black-Hole Mass in NGC 1097 using ALMA 161 Onishi, K.; Iguchi, S.; Sheth, K.; Kohno4, K.
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509 New Observations of the Mysterious Metal-Polluted White Dwarf GD 394 107 Wilson, D. J.; Gänsicke, B. T.; Koester, D.; Holberg, J.; Burleigh, M. R.; Belardi, C..
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521 What is in SIMBAD? 96 Oberto, A.; Loup, C.; Allen, M.; Lesteven, S.
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533 Project PANOPTES: A Student Led Search for Exoplanets from Your Backyard 217 Krishnamoorthy, P.; Walawender, J.; Gee, W. T.; Guyon, O.
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901 Infrared Atlas of the Arcturus Spectrum: 0.9-5.3 μm 1
901 Infrared Atlas of the Arcturus Spectrum: 0.9-5.3 μm Front Matter 0